18 May 1925: William Jennings Bryan: Evolution, Science, & Modernism be Stopped


Having volunteered to help prosecute of John Scopes for violating the Butler Act’s prohibition on teaching evolution, William Jennings Bryan explains to the public why it’s so important that evolution, science, and modernism be stopped.

In a speech in Brooklyn, New York, Bryan says:

“We are going to win. We must win if the world is to be saved. … 

The disgrace is not the Tennessee law, signed by the governor, and passed by the legislature. The disgrace is that teachers paid in the taxes of a community which stamps its dollars”In God We Trust” should betray the trust imposed in them by the taxpayers. 

The president of the United States takes his oath of office on the Bible. Are the school children of this nation to be taught that this Bible is untrue? No! “


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