Debate – Aron Ra vs Bob Enyart – Creationism vs Evolution – VIDEO


November 2011 Bob Enyart Show #236 Debate – Aron Ra vs Bob Enyart – Creationism vs Evolution – 2011.



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Sofía Rodriguez

I notice that in almost every single theist vs atheist debate, it
inevitably comes down to arguing whether or not the universe exists. It is
fucking preposterous. 


I’m sorry, I did listen to the whole thing. Bob just wiped his ass with
aron. Shutting him down and eating his own words. Good job!


What exactly is Bob opposing at 1 hour and 48 minutes? Creationists, including Ken Hamm regularly link evolution(ism) with atheism and make assertions that if you accept evolution you are not a true christian. During the Nye / Hamm debate, Ken makes this abundantly clear with his utterances about original sin and death. Frankly I question the idea that theistic evolution which catholics accept is the same as the modern theory of evolution. Theistic evolution is evolution with unnecessary and unscientific addons that are not remotely supported by evidence. I appreciate that technically catholics are supposed to accept evolution as… Read more »


Please post in the comments how long you could listen before frustration
over took you and you stopped listening. I found this conversation to be
frustrating beyond belief.

Heath Kitchen

Newton DID invoke god to explain what his intellect couldn’t. But he also
ate lead and thought he could create gold. Just because a person is very
intelligent doesn’t mean he/she is always correct about everything. There
is a reason most creationists don’t bring up Newton. The gap in which his
“god” explanation resided has been closed off by scientific knowledge. The
average person now knows things that Newton could only dream of. 


Listened to the whole thing. The parts about the whales and Microraptor
were the best.


Here you go Enyart: Quote from The New Answers Book: Over 25 Questions on Creation/Evolution and the Bible (edited by Ken Ham) The Story of evolution leaves no room for a supernatural Creator. Evolutionary Processes are supposed to be purely naturalistic. This means that even the need for a supernatural Creator disappears because it is argued that the natural world can create new and better or more complex creatures by itself. THE IMPLICATION OF THIS IS VERY REVEALING: EVOLUTION MEANS “NO GOD” Ray Comfort says “A professing CHristian who believes in evolution thinks that Jesus was lying” and that “theistic… Read more »

Suddenly Smart

WHERE DID GOD COME FROM This was posted by another person, I tried to find out who and they never responded, just don’t want you to think I was this smart although my name suggest’s it. This is actually an illogical question to ask, because this question will lead to a chain of “who created who”. If no one created anyone then nothing will exist in the first place. Yet, in our modern times, it is a scientific fact that the universe had a beginning. When and how, no one really knows, except the one who made it of course.… Read more »

Heath Kitchen

Turn on Christian radio and listen in. Almost all of them speak of “that
atheistic evolution”. They believe it is a binary issue. Aron Ra is being
honest. The host is completely dishonest. It is disgusting. 


I find “Bobby” here to be unfair and this probably should of been moderated. Aron explained his positions many times but like all so called “fair” creationists, “Bobby” cuts off Aron or changes the subject to other shit topics. I hate religion and this is one more reason why! I cut off the video the minute “Bobby” here started yelling “put him on hold”! Why? You don’t want to hear him debunk your shit… I have a question for you “Bobby” can I call you “Bobby”? Ok cool now here is my question “Bobby” why is it that their is… Read more »

Muddy Witch

Am i being ungracious when i say i could literally see bob throwing his
toys out of his pram? He struck me as very childish. Aron did very well not
to loose the plot. Creationists are so dishonest how can he call himsrlf a
christian with all the falsehoods trots out?


Bob Enyart keeps changing the subject when they are really talking about
one thing. Confusing your enemy is one of the greatest way to defeat them.

Tony Learner

I always thought that creationists sounded childish, illogical, and
downright foolish but Bob Enyart has officially confirmed this for me.


Why can’t people except the fact that life is on an ever changing ride
through life on this planet and that it took no “Magic Man” in the sky to
make this happen. If only we can rid ourselves of this “Greatest Thing on
Earth”, we will then grow out of religion and irrational belief.

Man Made god, Not, god Made Man – god and religion have only stifled man
kinds growth, not added to it…


Jesus Fucking Christ! I actually listened to that! Where does one even
begin with this Enyart character??


33:12 Knew he was going to go down that path. He cannot deny that that is
how creationism works so he has to try and say evolution works in the same
way. However, since evolution is in fact science, it did not start out from
a preconcieved conclusion but from facts-the fact that galapagos tortoises
have differing shells on differing islands. The theory of evolution is what
ties all the facts together. It’s a bit like a dot to dot game-a
creationist decides what the picture is in advance.


I love Bob’s intro…….”Greetings to the BRIGHTEST audience in the
country”…..Riiiiiiiiiiight….”Brightest”….sure. People that deny
scientific fact, make up their own “scientific facts” and then say it not
only points to a grand invisible creator of the universe, but also points
to their Christian God. Brightest my ass…….

Alec Sharratt

Why the fuck are they arguing whether or not the universe has a centre? WHY


Really?! Thermodynamics? I wish I could have softball nonsense like this
thrown at me. 


I remember back in the 90s when Bob had a cool pedo ‘stache.


Ugh this debate was painful to listen to. 3 hours and since around the
halfway point (likely earlier but that’s when it started getting bothersome
for me) it devolved into bickering children…too much he said, she said,
you said I said no I didnt yes you did kind of bullshit. I am sure that it
must have been difficult for Aron to deal with bob and his denial of facts
but he should have recognized this tactic wasnt getting anywhere and
changed it up. I am honestly left with the impression that over these last
3 hours NOTHING was actually said.

Heath Kitchen



1h43 “put him on old”.. wow, that makes having discussions easier if you
can just mute someone when you don’t like what they are trying to say. Rude
beyond reason that was. Not a very christian thing to do I’d say!

brian lindo

It just blows me away that people still believe the earth is young.Just the
amount of oil we have pumped out of the ground should tell you the earth is


If somone reading this and didn’t watch vid yet plz check out 1:55:40 and
can you plz give me timestamp for when they talk about it first time(this
Ann Gibbons quote)?

Obscure Inception

Just over 10 minutes to go, the host is a f’ing moron without a single
worthwhile argument. He is also completely blinkered to anything he doesn’t
want to hear.


Oh my fucking Lord. I got to 1:18:30, when Enyart claimed that Dinosaurs
“just appeared” in the fossil record.


what a waste of Ra’s time. bob is boarder line being like sye or eric, you
can feel hes right on the edge 


1:02:30 The problem with the mitochondrial eve argument is that we should
be able to trace the genetic bottleneck of EVERY animal on the planet to
2000 years ago-the supposed global flood. But we cannot.

Sean Davison

these people’s worldview has no depth. 

The Atheist Hammer

after 15 minutes my wife called the ambulance and I was rushed to the A.E
as my ears and eyes started bleeding profusely


I’ve seen this sort of apologist style before. Enyart constantly conflated
two distinct things and then asks if there was agreement, hoping that Aron
would forget what the original question was all about.
Aron was definitely not at his best in this one.


“Millions of mammoths that were buried north of the arctic circle with the
seeds of tropical plants in their digestive tracts!” – made sure to turn it
off on a high point 

Maximillian Greil

no = negative xD c’mon dude… it’s not that hard.


lol, at 1:57:20 bob was saying “NO NO NO” before Aron even made his point.
Typical theistic ignorance.

Glitch Box

I’m at the 1 hour 28 minute mark, and continuing to listen to Enyart’s
wilful ignorance may just give me an aneurysm. “I have a higher view of
science than you do, Aron” Mr. Enyart is going to kill me.


I’m at 20:45 and I’m confused to what point Enyart is trying to make and
why Aron isn’t stopping him. This argument is one big argument from
authority: “These scientists (partising doctors) reject evolution. These
famous scientists from the past believed in creation. ” Who cares? People
can be wrong.

BigPharma WantsYourMoney

Aron’s one of those “do what thy will” guys and those philosophies are more
deluded than any atheist calling a Christian that and i love how annoying
we are to them

tim oRiordan

If your a creationist then your a deluded idiot, and not worth debating.

Gábor Dormát

So dinosaur tissue and Thermodynamics are the proof for evoluton did not
happend. Its painfully creationists.


I made it a little over an hour before Bob’s circular assumptions and
refusals to listen overtook me. AronRa, you have the patience of a saint.
… So to speak, of course. :)

Andy Scott

It took me 30 seconds to find a quote from a prominent creationist website
(ICR) which conflates evolution and atheism.

“Evolutionism is thus intrinsically an atheistic religion” -Henry Morris
(founder of ICR)

Nekota Andrews

Another debate, another theist unable to give evidence for the existence of
god/s. Same shit over and over and over again. 

said abdullahi

Bob is retarded 


Wrong again Bob. 


Ok I’ve had enough 57:26. AronRa, you have greater patience to deal with
this man than I do.


I got to 1:55:38 and my knees started to hurt from the “alright, i’m done
with that topic.”


Seems like a somewhat smart guy but ultimately dogmatic. Oh and by the way
I made it through the whole thing.


This is hilarious