5 reasons why atheists should feel good.


Five Reasons Why Atheists Should Feel Good


5. It’s a fact, a main characteristic of our atheist subculture is that we love to argue with each other. And these arguments are typically intelligent as well as passionate. However, a side effect of this love of rhetoric is that feelings get hurt (after all, human egos are delicate flowers), and that can lead to some rather immature exchanges between individuals and their crew of friends.  We’ve all seen it. I had a long time reader of Purgatory email me stating. “I can’t take the atheist drama anymore. I’m taking a vacation from the online godless community, and I may not be coming back.” 
We need to remember that we only hear/remember the crappiest things people do. The old news maxim If it bleeds it leads is true online. Bad behavior is commonly noticed, while the civility is oftentimes ignored.
Cheer up, fellow atheists, most of us are decent people.

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