Required Reading – 50 Simple Questions for Every Christian


Written in a respectful and conversational style, this unique book is designed to promote constructive dialogue and foster mutual understanding between Christians and non-Christians. The author, a skeptic and journalist, asks basic questions about Christian belief.

What is the born-again experience? Why would God want to sacrifice his only son for the world? Do miracles really happen? How reliable is the Bible? What is the rapture? Why isn’t everyone a Christian? Each question is followed by commentary and analysis that is skeptical and tough but never argumentative or condescending.

Christians will find the book useful as a basis for developing their apologetics, while skeptics will welcome Harrison’s probing rational analysis of religious claims.  

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  1. An Intellectual Treat! 50 Simple Questions for Every Christian by Guy P. Harrison”50 Simple Questions for Every Christian” is a friendly skeptic’s challenge to Christians about their beliefs. In a respectful conversational tone, Guy P. Harrison guides the reader through fifty stimulating questions about Christian beliefs. Harrison’s responds to each question in a thought-provoking manner while remaining courteous. This interesting 350-page book is composed of fifty questions that cover the gamut of…

  2. Harrison’s Simple Questions Offer Up Lots of Excellent Answers I am an avid reader, and an avid atheist. I read almost everything that is worth reading about skepticism concerning religion (especially, but not exclusively Christianity), and I also try to read some of the best works in apologetics.In this unassuming, very readable, and honest book, Guy Harrison perhaps inadvertently pulls a fast one.Not only are his 50 questions simple, direct, and to-the-point, but, honestly, this book should be read primarily for Harrison’s…

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