5,000 years ago? Who’da thunk it? Well, I’ll be damned… :P




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I heard a stat one time that Stegosaurus was as far back before Tyrannosaurus as Tyrannosaurus was before us.Blew my mind. And fuck you, Creationists.

Well there’s some straight up bullshit if I ever seen some!

Its true!, there pretending to run our country

It says ABOUT 5000 years ago! So there’s room for interpretation. 😉

5,000 years, 50 million years… it’s so ambiguous… 😀

Give or take a few years! 😛

Wow, that is complete bullshit.

You mean Sarah the dino brain Palin ?

This can’t possibly be real. Where’s the first man and woman riding on it’s back? There is no room between it’s plates to put a saddle.

Where is this?

oh heck they just forgot some 0’s


Pfffhhhtt! Five-thousand years ago?? How can they say that? ‘Where they there?’

Do people REALLY believe that?