7 Ways the Universe Basically Guarantees That We are Screwed.


Leave it to Cracked.com to come up with the most depressing, sobering information to come along in awhile. Ok, granted, it’s funny as shit, so that helps. A little.  

Some people on our blog and FB page seem to think that there is a coherent, serene, and predictable order to the universe. They like to use it as a backdrop to explain karma, universal payback, and what not. Suffice to say, those people are delusional morons. Now you can explain to them why they’re on borrowed time as it is. Keep it light. 🙂


7 Horrible Ways The Universe Can Destroy Us Without Warning

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The universe hates you. Let’s get that out of the way right now. The universe loathes your guts and is infuriated by the way you dress, and the stupid way you talk sends it into a murderous rage. It’s just one bad morning and an empty coffee canister away from driving to your house and shanking you in the neck. With a supernova. It may happen tomorrow, or it may take billions of years. The universe is patient. It can wait. But rest assured: Some day, when you least expect it, it will reap a terrible vengeance from you. And it will go a little something like this:



Hypervelocity Stars

What we tend to call shooting stars are really just meteoroids burning in the Earth’s atmosphere. But actual shooting stars do exist. Yes, there are very real stars — as in “great balls of nuclear fire a million miles across” — with a velocity so great that they can actually escape the gravitational pull of their galaxies and roam free throughout the universe. These freewheeling stars are the Hells Angels of the cosmos: They’re big, scary and notoriously difficult to stop, and if they move into your neighborhood, your property values are going straight to hell. Yep, there are sun-size balls of nuclear energy zooming wherever they want at speeds of up to 4,000 kilometers per second, burning everything they come across and fucking up every orbit they pass by. We just thought you should know that, in case you were running low on nebulous dread or something.

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