Secular Jihadists EP23: A Conversation with Maajid Nawaz


As he prepares to launch his counter-terror organization Quilliam in the US this month, Maajid talks to us about topics isn’t often asked about: Is reform in Islam realistic or plausible? What are his own personal/religious beliefs? Does he think the Quran is infallible? Was Muhammad an Islamist? How receptive are different Muslim communities to these ideas? You don’t want to miss this. Listen to our conversation.



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4 real

Btw your patreon link has a weird warning on it when redirecting. Best fix it as it might put some people off.

4 real

Good documentary on Netflix, “one of us” about Jews leaving Orthodox Judaism. Shows the emotional and practical struggle that anyone faces when leaving any orthodox religion/ cult. Very brave people as is anyone raised as a Muslim who tries to openly leave Islam.

LM Interests

Isn't the "No compulsion in religion" an earlier Meccan. Ok you mentioned abrogration later. Can you give me references over the centuries disputing abrogration? I believe there are two verses in the Quran that support abrogration.

Mum Mum

Maajid nawaz is a complete hypercritical lyer and deciever pure evil

robert benoliel

why would anyone with a brain in the 21st. century believe that God the creator would give the koran a hate book to a pagan man in a cave , and why would God send a jewish arc angel gabriel to this pagan man in a cave , and also jewish angels don't like caves , it could have been a bat talking to mohamed………….

Laurence Clark Crossen

And the SPLC is one of the most Islamofacist organizations. Islamic beliefs have been broadly adopted even by black Christians:
Liberals adoption of Islamic values:

This adoption happens in at least two ways:
1. Due to a social decline into honor culture.
2. Due to direct influence from Islam.

1. Censoriousness. The right not to be offended. In Islam, slander is actually defined as statements anyone does not want made about them, even if true.
2. Self segregation, as with black people in the U.S.
3. Deceitful propaganda tactics like taqqiya as in the hate crime frauds/hoaxes.
4. Authoritarian.
5. Anti-Western.

Jim King

I don't think Nawaz is used to people knowing the Koran and Hadiths as well as the Secular Jihadists do. Armin pointed out the idea and Ali pointed out the verse of the next line of when Nawaz was talking about compulsion. That was great. I like and support Nawaz because he ultimately wants a liberal secular society. However, this podcast showed that people who know the doctrine well and who are true believers are not going to be swayed by someone like Nawaz. The true believers with knowledge of the texts are more likely to see things in black… Read more »

Trent Malik

Go get 'em, Mr. Nawaz! Support from Canada!

Trent Malik

There are many illuminati factions and the part about where a lot of this extremism is being exported from the UK supports this (btw I gave up this religion a long time ago – so definitely not promoting any religion). Some people in the negative illuminati (i.e. Cabal) want out but can't get out (sounds familiar?). Not all illuminati factions are necessarily bad, the negative ones are referred to as the Cabal by David Wilcock. They trace their origins to Atlantis and even Maldek who which destroyed itself in war and is now the asteroid belt. Whether this is true… Read more »


I have a Catholic background, but am spiritual, not religious, because, I really, really hate dogmatism. I think anything and anyone who encourages critical thinking is a positive force in the world. In that sense, I appreciate Majiid Nawaz, though encouraging critical thinking in the context of a religion is rather difficult. I have read his autobiography (currently lent it to a coworker), will read the book he co-authored with Sam eventually.However, I have to say, the more I learned about Islam, the more I was shocked. The Golden Rule, does not seem to be as present in it as… Read more »

Ali Vazirabad

majid completely misrepresented what the mu'tazila believed. he's little more than a liar

Daffy B

I always feel uncomfortable that someone of the intellectual prowess of Sam Harris could champion Maajid. You won't find Dawkins getting cosy with believers of any stripe, particularly those who continually quote religious droppings in a foreign lingo.
My crabby comment aside, SJ is one of my few YouTube must-listens.

The Titan

Love that opening

Allied Atheist Alliance

Gonna do my usual and give thoughts on this as I listen, not that anyone gives a fuck, nor should they, but it keeps me busy! 😀