A Practical Guide to Losing Your Religion


ISIS. The Pope. Climate change denial. New Horizons. Rampant violence. Superstition and false dogmas. New physics. New myths. Lawlessness. And scientific progress, if fitful and in starts. A potent and pungent potpourri . This species of ours has never been more confused or confusing. Underpinning all of this is the plague of scientific illiteracy. Our current reality is Carl Sagan’s nightmare come true: a world built on the backs of science and technology, wherein the vast, vast majority of individuals populating it have little to no understanding of science and technology.

First and foremost, this book is an appeal for scientific literacy. For the triumph of reason over false logic and illusion. Step one: overcoming the fog of religion and the made-up philosophies and stories from past prophets long dead. This book is an opportunity for the reader to learn how to ignore the prophets and their lies, and to instead focus our attention and appreciation on the true saints of our planet, the women and men who do the honest hard work that is essential to solving the most vexing puzzles facing humankind.

This book guides readers out of our childhood indoctrinations, the religions forced upon us in our earliest years, and invites the initiated to instead explore the magic and wonder that is reality. A simple guide to losing one’s religion, which works only if the reader is interested in embarking on that journey.

This book is as the title states; it is a simple, practical guide to losing your religion, but only if that is something you are looking to do.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Trapped in a Dream

Chapter One: Amnesia

Chapter Two: The Four Pillars

Chapter Three: The Prophet Phenomenon

Chapter Four: The Wizard of Oz

Chapter Five: The True Saints

Chapter Six: All The Magic You Need

Chapter Seven: Wide Awake

Chapter Eight: Our Bold New World




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