ISIS trying to make a bubonic plague bomb, taking them seriously yet?


Seized Islamic State Laptop Reveals Research Into Weaponizing the Bubonic Plague


By Danny Gold

August 29, 2014 | 8:40 pm
Anyone who deals with sensitive documents — from spies to journalists to bureaucrats — is often lectured on the importance of password-protecting and encrypting those documents. However, that’s apparently not the case for members of the Islamic State.

Journalists Harald Doornbos and Jenan Moussa write in Foreign Policy that they were able to access files from a black Dell laptop belonging to a Tunisian man and Islamic State fighter named Muhammed S. Abu Ali, the commander of “a moderate Syrian rebel group” told the journalists that his group recovered the laptop after Islamic State fighters fled a battle in the Northwestern region of Idlib. That was in January, when the Islamic State was still known as ISIS.

Though the computer appeared empty at first, a deeper dive revealed more than 35,000 folders. Files included videos of Osama bin Laden, thoughts on the justifications for jihad, training procedures, bomb-making manuals, and instructions on how to use disguises.

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