Bionic Dance: A Tantrum Thrown at Atheists – VIDEO


I almost wish I was throwing a tantrum at god…it’d be a lot more entertaining than trying to civilly explain to these lunatics why they’re so off base!




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Lawrence Michaelis

I love these charts showing how much we don't know, especially when what we don't know is unknown. It's really hard to quantify the unknown, but they keep trying. Bless their heart.


If we know so little, how do we know God knows so much more ?

Macintux 1


Hector Defendi

Kate… another video so soon? WOW… Cool beans :)

lukus black

"I doubt he meant that to sound as kinky as I'm going to quite deliberately take it."

I love this channel.


What if there is something that God doesn't know? He wouldn't know that he doesn't know it though.


Oh look, an idiot decided that Venn diagrams are too complicated and done made hisself a bar chart. That'll fix that little problem of redefining an argument from ignorance to be a virtue.

Andrew Kincade

Hilarious! Nice Arbitrary Graph with unsubstantiated BS in it! this guy is a child calling older people children! Love ya Bionic D!

The Jew Master

It was the real you that made me watch. I could believe and even want to understand what you were saying and where you were coming from, when I could see you talking. Are you ever going to come back?…

Andrew Beaumont

Here's this knowledge scale that I pulled straight out of my ass and which I won't bother to justify at all… therefore atheism is a temper tantrum thrown at God.

It doesn't even follow the format of an argument. All he did was state two unrelated assertions.


Ah-ha ha ha! … Yet another god of the gaps or appeal to ignorance argument. Done 10,000x before. But then, in Theocratic philosophy, repetition creates truth. I used to be agnostic on the possibility of a god but now i'm firmly atheist. There is no god. The only reason people even consider the possibility is because it has been suggested to them or because they're anthropomorphizing the world around them. Russell's Teapot is indefinitely more probable than a God because at least we know teapots exist. Why-oh-why does this crap never get old, thanks BD. I needed a pick-me-up.


Nicely done as usual.

B Sharp

One thing that stood out to me was; how can he make a graph about all the knowledge that can ever be known, rank mankind on the chart and then claim this is all of knowledge that mankind knows. We don't even know how much there is to know in the first place? I mean, does he have some kind list of things that we as species do not know yet? Did he know that gravitational waves existed and just wasn't telling anyone?


They always skip that pesky step of actually proving that "God" exist; always starting with the assertion one does exist.


rhymes with "god-fearing wanker"


I find the bar graph funny.


Unfortunately out there, a lot of people have the mindset that "I don't want to hear it, therefore it's not valid." They will simply reject things that cause them to experience cognitive dissonance. (Wait, the beliefs that I've held all my life AREN'T true??)


Creationist Cat was not included in that knowledge scale. Creationist cat knows more than the run of the mill angel.


But little do he know…..The simple threat of a mere spanking holds no terrors for the Mistress of the Probulator.


Our knowledge is so limited, but apparently there is enough information for the spanker to state "with 100% certainty" that atheism is a temper tantrum at god.

Mc Häckmäck

Just a moment! Why is god only at 100% of what is knowable? Shouldn't an omnipotent being know things that are unknowable?


Came for the BionicDance. Stayed for the spanking.

B.Z Uscuro

The irony is Christianity mocks itself.


I've got to hand it to you. I simply couldn't sit through this sort of stupidity let alone comment on it! Kudos!

Foolish Coyote

Atheist spanking…. oh my…. watches rest of the video

Edit: I have a complaint… this video was devoid of atheist spanking…. stupid context!