Anti-immigration racist is mad about being labeled a racist…


Activist Worried About Violent ‘Black Mobs’ Is OUTRAGED People Call Him A Racist
Author: Wes Williams May 2, 2014 7:03 pm

William Gheen is the president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC). On April 30, Gheen posted a letter to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) on his website. The letter attacks the SPLC for relabeling ALIPAC as a “hate group.” ALIPAC had previously been labeled by the SPLC as a “nativist extremist” group, which was apparently ok with Gheen, since his complaint came after the change in classification.

In addition to whining about attempts by SPLC to get PayPal to cancel the account through which ALIPAC receives donations, Gheen also has this to say:

The SPLC is fully aware that ALIPAC is a racially inclusive organization, and that a substantial percentage of our supporters are minorities. The SPLC is fully aware that ALIPAC has openly and eagerly worked with minority organizations and leaders. The SPLC is fully aware that I have a background in registering and transporting minority and student voters and working to elect women and minorities to public office in the ’90s. The SPLC is fully aware that we never intentionally work with any racist or violent groups or individuals, and you are aware that we have publicly spoken out against racism and racist groups and individuals on numerous occasions.

OK, we get it. Gheen, according to Gheen, is not a racist. He is very, very upset that the SPLC says that he is. Not to mention that they are trying to hit him where it hurts the most — in the wallet.

On April 30, William Gheen posted the following to Facebook:

So, the same day that William Gheen insists that he is not in any way, shape, or form, a racist, he posts a comment indicating his concern about “…new black mobs roaming US cities targeting and beating the crap out of white people…”

“Non-racist” William Gheen should know that those “mobs,” by and large, do not exist.
Gheen’s “black mobs” comment refers to the “knockout game,” a largely media created hoax.

Gheen’s Facebook post blasts the media for being focused on Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s comments to his girlfriend, while “conceal[ing]the atrocities” of the knockout game. But the media didn’t conceal anything about the knockout game. In fact, media largely created the myth of gangs of black youth who roam the streets of urban areas looking for white people to attack.

CNN is one of the outlets responsible for creating hysteria about the practice, but even their reporting came with caveats. Right wing media latched onto the story, as they tend to do any time they believe there is racial fear to be stoked, and people like Gheen help to spread the misinformation. In March, the right wing World Net Daily ran a lengthy article by author Colin Flaherty, who claims that there is an epidemic of black on white violence in the country that is being ignored by the media. Flaherty’s bona fides, or lack thereof, are examined in an excellent article by the SPLC’s Leah Nelson. It is worth noting that Gheen’s Facebook post echoes Flaherty’s claim the media are complicit in covering up “black on white crime.”

Emma Roller, writing at, points out that while the knockout game definitely exists, it is far from a growing trend. Roller also mentions Flaherty in her story, saying

At the epicenter of this narrative is Colin Flaherty, a writer for WorldNetDaily who probably has a Google alert set up for “black suspect.” He’s made it his life’s work to report any single crime perpetrated by a black person in the U.S. against a white person. In a recent blog post, he lists as evidence six separate crimes in Philadelphia over the course of two years, which share nothing in similarity except for the fact that they involved black people.

William Gheen, on the same day, attempted to defend himself and ALIPAC against charges of racism, then totally undercut his argument by making a Facebook comment that indicates he has bought into what is largely an urban myth about “black on white” crime. Is the SPLC’s characterization of Gheen and his group accurate? As the saying goes, “if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck…”



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