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  1. You will notice that heaven looks more realistic in this one. It took 3
    days to render, using the same environment/effects software used in The
    Avengers, Hunger Games, How to Train Your Dragon, Madagascar 3, Despicable
    Me 2, and Chronicle (to name a few). Hell was created with the same
    program, called Vue, but for that I just made a still frame with no
    animation. The characters, as usual, were made in Anime Studio.

  2. This video is fucking stupid and misleading. Hell is nothing like this,
    you’re burning for eternity, screaming and crying in pain. You will be hit
    with whips by Satan. Heaven is also nothing like this. It’s a beautiful
    place and you won’t be bowing down to God for eternity. You will meet your
    friends and family from earth there, you will have a life there such as the
    life you’re living now. However, there will be no sin or pain. There will
    be no worries at all. This video is misleading, attempting to drive
    Christians away from their religion. Also no, I haven’t been there. I just
    read the Bible and it says nothing about throwing rocks in Hell or bowing
    down to God for eternity. It describes burning in a place hotter than the
    sun for eternity or going to a paradise with no sin, pain, worries where
    you can once again meet all of your friends and family. I’m not trying to
    tell any of you atheists to become a Christian, go ahead and take your
    chance. I’m simply pointing out that this video is very misleading and
    doesn’t show what Heaven and Hell is actually like. We’ll see, or we won’t
    see if I’m wrong. It’s that simple. Either way, I’m not taking any chance
    and I will pray for you guys because I’d hate for you guys to spend
    eternity burning.

  3. Living for eternity worshiping some dictator on his golden throne would be
    a hell. This dictator would soon get sick of all the christian ass lickers
    and probably throw them into a pit of fire. He lived for an eternity
    without ass kissing before so will soon get sick of this novelty. How
    egotistical is he anyway, how much worship and torture does he demand. What
    a creepy god they worship. Thank God it’s all crap.

  4. Personally, if there is a heaven/ hell I don’t see it as either of those.
    It would be a land with your greatest desires that you did not receive on
    Earth whereas hell would be your absolute worst nightmare. In any case,
    there’s no point believing in either. Some things are good, some are bad
    and then there’s that subjective grey area. To be honest, whilst I do not
    identify as a Buddhist I am open to reincarnation. That makes more sense to
    me than an eternity that completely invalidates our existence. Of course,
    we’re all entitled to believe what we want up until that point that we
    impinge on each other’s rights etc. 

  5. The very idea of eternity is illogical to start with. Talk about wishful
    thinking by people afraid of death. 

  6. I must admit this is very entertaining and well done with valid thought out
    points. However, unfortunately, due to religion many humans on earth have
    been dealt many devastating blows to the mind and soul. Atheists and
    agnostics are following two more man made religions as well, but it is due
    to cause and effect.
    Time is an illusion, but there is a purpose.
    There is and always will be THE ONE AND ONLY COSMIC CREATOR of the universe
    (seen & unseen). A very gifted quantum physicist once said the molecular
    structure of creation is so complex that it is blatantly obvious there’s an
    author because for this vast area filled with a myriad of various organisms
    to be a random – even randomness has a pattern – accident is like a tornado
    ripping through a huge junk yard and accidentally assembling a perfect
    Boeing 747 with all of the various parts including the screws, nuts &
    bolts, electrical power, turbo fan engines, windows, seats, overhead oxygen
    masks, nails, depressurized cabins, etc.
    By the way, eternal bliss is far from boring; it is pure, divine ecstasy
    with spiritual vibrations that an unelevated consciousness can not
    conceive. Take care and “GOD” bless! 

  7. yea i’m just gonna facepalm at your stupidity. firstly the afterlife is
    forever, there is no after-afterlife. secondly this entire video is full of
    circular reasoning. circular reasoning is something i never use, so there.
    and now i will return to slamming my face against a palm tree, bye.

  8. In Heaven there is infinite happiness and no pain, no boredom (boredom is a
    negative emotion). There won’t be any kind of want or boredom.

  9. Its not the same. If you love your mother and father. Why would you not
    love your father in heaven more. It is so sad that you don’t know about
    your father in heaven. I pray someday you will find your father in your
    heart. The evidence that you seek is in your soul. You see I have call on
    my father for help. And when I thought it was the end he came through for
    me in an instant. I’m thankful by the grace of God that he loves me .He has
    always taking care of my family. And I love him so. There has been too many
    times in my life that he has showed me.. And I do pray that he will come
    into your heart amen.

  10. Lol No. You Do things that are bad for your meaning of life. Boom Hell
    Forever so trolls Dont go to hell. You be good you go to heaven to do what
    the F8ck you want as long as it is not violent.

  11. Man created god.. you have to be a complete idiot to believe in this…
    Its a fictional fairytale.. how come no religious people believe in Santa
    claus.. it is the exact Sam thing… it is fucking sickening what you guys

  12. The concept of both heaven and hell is absolutely horrible. I mean if you
    die, then you stay in the afterlife for eternity. Think about it. That’s
    longer than a human life, century, millenia, the age of the earth, and the
    age of the universe! It is forever! Sure heaven may seem like a blast, but
    if you spend an eternity there, then after a while it will start to get
    boring as the same thing happens over and over. Also hell has the same
    deal, except it’s much worse. And the concept of hell especially gets on my
    nerves. Hell is eternity as well, and even if you do a small crime, you are
    in hell forever. A finite crime does not deserve an infinite punishment.

  13. why is satan always a girl in your videos? is it because Lucifer is like
    lucy, and lucy is a girls name? 

  14. Cool video! I find it weird when people look at me funny when I say I don’t
    want to live forever. While I’m here, I’ll make the best of it, and when
    I’m gone, I’ll be none the wiser.

  15. Last night I had a dream where I went to hell, but hell wasn’t as bad as
    people say it was. It was a motel with a bar and a nightclub in it, there
    were high crime rates but since it’s pure sin, this eternal punishment is
    really just getting drunk and hanging out with wizards.

  16. You say: “if there is no afterlife then moral shouldn’t exist”.
    Humans are no different from animals, everything a human can do, animal
    can. They also have morale: defending pack, respect leader, different
    behaviors toward their kind etc.

    If you remove money, than humans won’t need to kill each other, moneys
    corrupt the essential of our life.

    We have only one life, so enjoy it while you can.

  17. Awesome! 😀 This says so many things I’ve been saying for a long time.
    What’s the point of the afterlife, won’t it be boring? And we can’t choose
    our beliefs, we just… believe. Believers say we atheists “deny God”, as
    if we all know he exists but not all want to acknowledge it. We don’t “deny
    God” and we can’t choose to start believing in him.

  18. Existence is meaningless without God and that is why he wants us to create
    our own meaning with him. That is the true test and is priceless. That is
    why he gave his son, Jesus Christ to die for us. 

  19. Actually, there is an afterafterlife.. If one understands the very early
    Christian fathers, they teach there is: this life.. the intermediate
    state… then after the judgement seat of Christ.. Those would be the
    three ages.. From there, if one is well-versed in ancient greek, I think
    you could argue that after this is “eternity” when ALL WILL BE SAVED.. Of
    course, 98% of Christians think rather that athiests will just burn in hell
    forever, this is incorrect.. IN REALITY, God saves all.. Further, God is
    not anti-sex.. And actually, most all of the videos you create are
    regarding errors in Christian doctrine:

    1. God does not torture people in hell. This is incorrectly translated
    from the terms “kolassis aionios”.

    2. God saves all (100 verses I can cite showing this).. Such as “every
    knee will bow and every tongue will confess”.. The VERY SAME book of the
    Bible also says “if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus… you shall
    be saved”.. 2+2=4.. Put the two verses together from the same book of
    the bible (merely 2 chapters apart) and it clearly says “all will be saved”.

    3. God is not anti-sex.. Thanks to Manichean Gnosticism, via St. Augustine
    (considered 2nd in rank after the Apostle Paul) we have a very anti-sex
    church.. Why? Because his teaching was literally from another religion..
    He believed ALL SEX WAS EVIL. With such a viewpoint and being of such
    high esteem in the church (via the Latin School of Theology, which Rome
    propped up above the others), its no wonder people are very anti-sex in the

    However, I show in my videos how its all bullcrap.. How terms like
    “fornication” are actually completely incorrect as the translation.. The
    term “fornication” actually has changed its meaning since the 17th
    Century.. It at one time meant “prostitution and idolatry”.. Today it
    means “sex before marriage”.

    4. God did not commit genocide in the Old Testament.. Thanks to some
    idiots in the 4th Century (such as the Council of Laodicia) we lost
    literally 20 books from the Old Testament (though some Orthodox Churches
    still retain them in Asia and Africa)..

    Basically, Noah’s flood was killing off nephilim according to the Book of
    Enoch, Jasher and Jubilees.. NOT HUMANS.. Actually, the humans had
    pretty much been obliterated or turned into these genetic hybrids.. Only
    Noah was “perfect in his generations” or DNA.. This also goes for the
    animals.. Yes, these fallen angels who came down on Mount Hermon, all 200,
    mated with women and created genetic hybrids.. We only have 60+ stories of
    these “star people” from every major culture around the world, including
    American Indians.

    So, in other words, nephilim were killing off the humans.. And Noah and
    his family were about the only humans left.. So God sent a flood to kill
    off nephilim.. and save humanity..

    Sort of different than what you have heard, right?

    And all those nations God told them to “wipe out” after the flood? They
    were all nephilm as well.

    This is clearly seen. They all came through Ham’s son Canaan who had found
    some of the Watchers Tablets on how to do these genetic modifications (to
    make giants).. So, once again, nephilim.

    I could go on and on..

    Every one of your videos is mocking false doctrine, not actual

  20. Again, in Islam you don’t worship God at all. So you do different things
    and have infinite new things to do.

  21. The depiction of afterlife is silly. If heaven simply defines to be the
    most pleasurable, then that’s what you’ll experience for eternity.
    Something like a permanent heroin shot without the brain numbing to it..
    It’s simply an eternity of ecstacy, or love, or even something beyond
    anything anyone’s ever experienced on this physical plane.. And surely God
    doesn’t want to be forcefully praised. He wants to be loved and you to
    praise him from your own enthusiastic desire.. Agnostic here..

  22. I hate it when people post stuff, and then take off the option to reply.
    It’s like they know what they are saying is bullshit but don’t want to be
    prove wrong.

  23. Wait. Hold on. Christian people plz explain me this:
    So, satan is evil. He deludes u into doing evil things. So lets say u do
    evil things and end up heaven. Why in the world would satan beat u? Or whip
    u? Or punish u? Would u be his hommie? Cause after all, u literally did
    what he told u to do and disobeyed gods rules. Im soo confused!!!!!

  24. There is a big floating potato above the stars and if you dont worship it
    you will suffer for eternity. If you do worship it you will live forever in
    potato-heaven and be eternally joyful.

    Praise the potato.

    Praise it now.

  25. Cool vid but its based on false ideas. The idea that things don’t change.
    Things are always changing and always will. We are already living in
    eternity and what people call the “afterlife” is just another change. As
    far as the bibles interpretation of the heavens.. things are always
    changing and it is more than just a mystical place. There are so many other
    planets and stars in the heavens and to this day we have not found a limit
    to the universe. Even though we know planets were always there, we are
    always finding new stuff. That is actually the true essence of eternity –
    unlimited data/matter/experience. It was never to do with the linear
    progression of time. And worshiping god is not the act of bowing your body
    to the ground but worship manifests in all sorts of actions and lack of
    actions. To answer your info section question “why don’t you worship god
    continually here on earth”. The answer is, people do. Its with their
    lifestyle. Everyone brings validity to something according to what they
    choose to believe and how they choose to live. The bible defines that as
    well. The only way this vid can be true is if the premise of it’s argument
    was true, but it’s not. I want to see an argument for once that doesn’t
    rely on first misinterpreting the bible.

  26. In this video the one that denies that there might be an “After-afterlife”
    sounds like the atheist in real life and the real atheist sounds like the

  27. did you guys realize when they were devils their selves changed the ripped
    selves went from right to left as they moved

  28. he just needed to stop moving rocks…

    yeah, that is what happens when a conversation is not a debate, we get
    it… lol!

  29. If I ever get bored in heaven, I could just ask god to erase my memory and
    start again simple as that..

  30. We consist of the same particles the whole universe is made of.
    The notion that you will go to heaven is just as unlikely as the notion
    that you will completely cease to exist.
    Incarnation doesn’t mean that you wander from one life to another as some
    sort of continuous sould migrating through the worlds.
    Buddhists and Hindus think that the root of all being is a basic energy
    which plays hide and seek with itself.
    It gets lost in the farest out adventures but in the end always comes back
    to itself. In life, it forgets who it is and pretends it is each one of us.
    And in death, it remerges back to itself and it does that for ever and ever
    and ever.
    For Buddhists, the two statements “after I die, I will be reborn” and
    “after I die, new babies will be born” mean precisely the same thing. If
    you don’t remember your true nature in each incarnation, what difference
    does it make? Every being thinks “I” in the same way.
    Playing that you’re poor little me is therefore part of the game.
    Enlightenment is nothing more than realising your true identity and the
    deep connectivity with everything. The “ego” is a fraud, it is nothing more
    than the focus of concious attention mixed with a phony definiton of
    oneself given by society. It starts with giving each other names. It’s
    useful for social communication, nothing more. But we define ourselves as
    being only that so our hallucination of seperatness starts very early on in
    I’m not trying to convince anybody here. I’m not a Buddhist, but merely
    interested in this different take on life and the universe. I think that
    the notion of a “basic energy” and therefore a democratic universe is much
    more plausible than some omnipotent god behind a cloud.

  31. Please Mr Darkmatter do some research before doing your vieos, interview
    christians, ask for biblical backing. Above all read the bible and find out
    what it says about eternity. Don’t just pic a verse, read several that
    describe it. This video is wrong not because of the position it takes but
    because it is not telling the truth about what the bible says on eternity.

    ” Give the dog a bad name then hang it”.

    That is what u just did. #biased

  32. Both oblivion and the afterlife look compelling and sucky for a long
    variety of reasons. I’d better stick with the “If I don’t know, I don’t
    care” policy of agnosticism, live a life trying to be a good person so I
    can feel better for myself, then let’s see what happens once I kick the
    bucket. Why worry ’bout something I have no way to understand, let alone
    change? Fuck that.

    Whatever happens is good, as long as I don’t end up in “hell” or “Florida”,
    whatever those things are.

  33. This video should’ve ended halfway through. Afterwards, it was no longer a
    film: it was some sort of animated lecture.
    I think the point of making things like this is to show, through the events
    of the story, whatever message the author wants to convey. But instead
    this, like most of DarkMatter’s creations, are just people stating the
    informations straight-forward, which seems to ruin the whole idea.

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