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  1. We don’t live by religious morals. We’ve been fighting against religious
    morals since they were made! If we lived by the traditional monothiestic,
    religious morals then we’d be doing anything we want as long as we get
    permission by this non-existant god since he makes the rules rather than a
    structured law, and we all know that god does what he wants whether it
    completely contradicts what he may have said earlier. Since he is not
    there, anyone can interpret him in anyway he wants! So because of these
    virteous and inconsistent yet absolute rules there would be slavery,
    intolerance of anyone who questions the religion, justified genecide,
    primitive technology, intolerance of expanding intellect to the point that
    it could over throw the dominant pigs, limitations to women, and oppression
    of anyone who seems queer or funny. We don’t live like this. Why? Because
    even from the start, we have adjusted and/or thrown out these unfair, crazy
    ideas that these religions say we should live by. If we don’t have people
    saying, “Well isn’t this a bit mad to think this” then religion would’ve
    continue to do the horrid things it originally it justified. For example: A
    Christain today is vastly different to the original Christains and,
    probably without even knowing it, throw out a lot of the original biblical

  2. Religion is not the intrinsic evil Pat claims.
    It has been created by innumerous humans and manipulated for innumerous
    reasons, but like everything else in this world, it isn’t perfect.

  3. Pat, l’ve seen several videos of yours. One question for you: Do you take
    any medication before making these videos? If not, you should take some…
    Seriously, dude. I will pray for you and your kind.

  4. I don’t get his argument.

    Ok you have issues with religion big deal. Does that justify your religious
    belief somehow is deferent or special?

    Shit think about it. Your using an assumption to prove an assertion. The
    assumption being that atheism is not a religion. That is the stupidest
    argument I heard yet. Unless you want to tell me you don’t believe it!

  5. When your individual god given~ divine~ rights that make up the “Bill Of
    Rights” can be dictated by man and said to be from men than Progressive and
    other collective politicians will soon say they can take those rights from
    citizens. Atheism in any government in the past all-be-it NERO, Stalin,
    Lennon or Mao has led to gun rights violations and than utter government
    slaying of citizens. And though i know it is Christian to let people have
    their own religious and non-believing religious rights, i also understand
    the greatest falsehood the devil can give to man is to believe that their
    is no god and no savior. May peace be with all, no matter what philosophy
    or theology one espouses. 

  6. It is secular anti Christian governments that flooded Europe with crazy
    Moslems. Are you sure that’s religions fault. I hope gay marriage is worth

  7. I’m starting to get annoyed with the whole, “but people can believe
    whatever they want” to slam Athiesm for calling BS on some magical
    supernatural stuff improvised by a bishop who wanted to understand the
    world without having to put any thought into it. However Athiesm is pretty
    much saying that all these religions are unlikely and silly to devote to
    since there’s not valid evidence for their existence, but there stlil is
    that .0000001% that a religion is valid. When you’re devoted to one
    religion, you’re pretty much blocking every other religion and only calling
    yours valid, so technically religions are less tolerant of each other than
    Athiesm is with other beliefs. I also think anyone who say, “People can
    believe whatever they want” is pretty much lying because I doubt anyone who
    says that would accept Neo-Nazi or white supremacist beliefs. 

  8. Wow. This is one of the best monologues I have ever seen. That guy is
    remarkable and has extremely cool voice.
    Keep it up sir. 

  9. Middle age, middle age, earth is flat, killing with swords, bad bad!!!
    Thats retro style, we are living in the modern days now, 40 millions
    abortions per year. 

  10. Poor Pat Condell, forever being oppressed by Muslims and Christians,
    because liberals. Poor, poor little Pat Condell. He’s not allowed to
    criticize Islam because of liberals. Poor him. And poor ministeroffire1970.
    He’s also not allowed to criticize Islam because liberals.

  11. “Like a streetthug that calls the police once his victims fight back”

    That’s got to be one of the best metaphors I’ve ever heard on the subject.
    Word up and respect to you Pat, the nail is struck on it’s head here!

  12. I’m an atheist but I’m not aggressive. I just think all religions are
    nonsense pushed by charlatans for control & $. These faiths are tailored
    for delusional followers who need to believe life isn’t the end & after u
    die u get to go to a paradise w/ their invisible, imaginary big guy in the
    sky. At least christianity has evolved a little from the inquisition days
    unlike Islam which is the worst of the bunch.

  13. atheist actually believe in God, they just object to the non believers whom
    pretend to be authorities on what the rest of us are suppose to have
    shoved down our throats. There are GODLY and UNGODLY. Lets ask them on lie
    detectors. See who really believes OR WHO REALLY DOES NOT BELIEVE.

  14. There is nothing called aggressive atheism. Why? I believe that Pat Condell
    has explained it very well in this video why.

  15. fight fire with fire .only Catholicism can beat Islam. start praying
    boy.its your lib homo atheist fem laws let this happen. ,so now you don’t
    like it .sorry for you .

  16. Wow why not shorten this Vid just say what you really mean your against
    freedom of thought.

  17. Is this simply the best speach ever? Very inspiring I encourage everyone
    to challange and provoke religious fanatics everywhere, also on YouTube. I
    just threw a firebrand on to the comments under a film here in YouTube,
    where some older christians, only men of course, were trying to explain the
    existence of what they call God through sience. Believe me, the didn’t show
    very much imagination, which is more important than science anyway, because
    imagination is limitless. Science, on the other hand, has a limit.
    Recommend also to check out the movie Bad Boy Bubby.
    Have a nice existence, folks!

  18. I’m not a Christian but Christianity is not a threat to me or to
    government. I agree 100% with 50% of your videos, Pat. On this issue
    though, you can eat a dick. Militant atheists are way more annoying to me
    than Christians. Even more so than Jehovah’s witnesses….and that’s
    saying a lot.

  19. 0:54 – 1:50 you say you are very intolerant which JUST proved my previous
    comment. Also, patience is a virtue. But you know what, that may be why you
    are so angry with the world.

  20. Just continuing the Pat Condell fest…fwiw, I find him somewhat, well,
    disappointing in his positions on Western Liberalism and the
    Israeli/Palestinian issue….though, as an FDR/Truman Liberal (Government
    CAN work. Foreign enemies? Kill them if they try to kill you…) perhaps
    he’s not directing his fire at me.

    But on Atheism?


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