Ah fuck, another “challenge to atheists” already?…




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– We do NOT know that the universe began to exist. The common proposals are that either time begun, or that the universe is in some way eternal.


This is hard to watch, partly because of the hecklers which almost turned it into a shoutingmatch and partly because of the illogical positions of the speaker. One of the biggest flaws he makes is committing a so called "false dilema falacy". He presents options and treats those options like the only possible explanations. Can something come from nothing? We simply don't know. We have observed particles in quantum physics that seemingly pop in and out of existance. But moreover, to be able to claim this cannot happen, requires a total understanding of the universe and how it works. Which… Read more »


The only version of "universe" that we empirically know "began" is the observable universe. We also know the observable universe is smaller than the entire universe since we know that distant galaxies are leaving the observable universe and becoming no longer observable as the expansion rate is greater than the speed of light.
The same physics that shows us that the observable universe also leads most physicists to conclude the entire universe is likely eternal.
This is but one of the many problems with the cosmological arguments.


1:47 The speaker is wrong. Professor Vilenkin's position is that the universe's ability to be described using classical physics breaks down at some point in the past. This does not mean the universe began to exist.
During the debate between Dr. Craig and Dr. Carrol, Dr. Carrol even showed directly Vilenkin saying that he holds the view that the universe is likely eternal.