Ah yes, seems like just yesterday that Pelosi bitchslapped the fat orange dipshit on live TV…


Trump Vows Government Shutdown in Combative Meeting With Top Democrats

President Trump sparred with top Congressional Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer, declaring he would shut down the U.S. government if Congress refused to fund his proposed border wall in the latest government spending bill. Photo: Michael Reynolds/DPA via ZUMA Press

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Andre Cook

What the American people deserved was for them to do their job.And we wouldn't be having this problem today. Democrats and Republicans created this problem. And we the people will pay for it…

Jeremy Harris

If trump is rich, why is he so desperate for the governments money for this wall? Use your own money


How many of Trump's children (the one's that we know about) do you think he's molested? Do you think it's just the girls or do you think the boy ones get it too? I wonder how many of his illegitimate kids he's gone after. Come on tRumpers, y'all must have experience in this field? What MO does your guy (cos he's your guy, right? ) use when it comes to incest? Theories, experiences, personal testimonials, below please.

mike smith

i love my president

Juan Rivera

He keep bringing back the stupid wall and is supposedly going to do a SHUTDOWN of the government if he don't get his funding I hope he don't get SH** he thinks is going to be good for him and with all the other problems he has these will be just another one to add to the long list. Trump don't care about anything and anybody but himself. IMPEACH AND PROSECUTE NOW

teodoro cruz


Sonny Haskins

…AND TRUMP SITS LIKE A CLOWN..!!!!!! NO WALL, SCHUMER & PELOSI, NO WALL TRUMP.!!!!!! If the wall gets built it will make us look like the isolationists that Trump wants us to look like……Trump won't be around forever……but if the wall is built, it WILL BE !!!!!

John connor

Building the wall is waste of time and waste of money. The workers are probably tired constructing the wall by now.

Michelle Testa

a man who crosses his legs revolts me.


Pelosi AND Schummer Joined together at the head, Neither work, Both should be shot for Treason. It`s the illegal votes they care about. "Ripping Children from their parent's arms" Horseshit! What`s next? "They are ripping children from their mother's WOMB?"

Marco Antonio Soriano

He is unlike any other President. Transparency is good. Let’s see execution and understand how to best secure our borders. Agreed.

Himself Lee

Don't you just love the way some of the media puts something up on YouTube as the gospel and then disallows comments that may prove them wrong?

Francisco Lopez

Love how he is so funny to watch.

James Ryan

Anybody who uses wikipedia for history or politics is an idiot. Wiki is well known around the world for its fake news, biased science, and altered history. Look at democrat history, they are two faced LIARS. Here on youtube, look at schumer, clinton, pelosi, feinstein talking of how we need better border security and "fencing". Go on, have a look while you are here on the tube. #CuckShitSmear is a real danger to America. These pigs are destroying all chances for a great and safe future for your children and their children, Give that a thought. How do you want… Read more »

HB 7

Pence reminds me of the mafia under boss waiting 4 his opportunity 2 assassinate the boss he is going 2 be Trump's Judas so watch your back Caesar.

Sinjinbin 64

Shutter down. I enjoyed the furlough – free vacation for me!

Cánh Thép Channel

MEDIA BLACKOUT: 13-YEAR-OLD GIRL WAS DECAPITATED BY PAIR OF ILLEGAL ALIENS IN ALABAMAJuly 15, 2018 HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) – A preliminary hearing Thursday gave more information into a grisly double homicide in Madison County. Mariah Lopez, a 13-year-old, was decapitated and her grandmother, Oralia Mendoza, was also killed. Investigators now believe the case has connections to a drug cartel. 26 year-old Yoni Martinez Aguilar, one of the capital murder suspects, appeared before a judge on Thursday. Aguilar kept tight-lipped as he entered the courtroom. Madison County investigator Stacey Rutherford took the stand for nearly an hour talking about what led up to this this… Read more »


Thank god for Trump.


He also promised he would fix the US Infrastructure and whta's happened? Our roads suck, the bridges are moments away from crumbling, we have ancient trains which is an embarrassment. Even third world countries have better public transportation and modern bullet trains and this guy wants to waste money on a wall that is only a band aid.

Boba Squid

Don't blame me. I didn't vote for this guy.

Zachary Knudsen

We love trump!!!!