Al Jazeera: Democrats push for a Green New Deal to combat climate change


Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Democratic Senator Ed Markey recently laid out the goals of a Green New Deal to transform the US economy to combat climate change while creating thousands of jobs in renewable energy.
Ocasio-Cortez and Markey say the plan will achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in 10 years, setting a high bar for Democrats who plan to make climate change a central issue in the 2020 presidential race.
The resolution is the first formal attempt by politicians to define the scale of legislation to create large government-led investments in clean energy and infrastructure to transform the US economy.
Al Jazeera’s Shihab Rattansi reports.



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Emmanuel Ufot

Trump is going to win clean by next year. Democrats never learn.
AOC, you’re giving Trump another 4 yearssssss. You don’t care about Americans one bit. This is about yourself.


Typical communist. Cannot create wealth.

Billion Year Playboy Philanthropist

Democrats are quickly running away from that insanity. That crazy girl wants to ban aeroplanes, rebuild every building in America so that its energy efficient.
And Democrats wer angry that Republicans asked them to vote on a ridiculous bill.
AOC should have stayed in bartending. Or maybe not.

Koan Bonwa

Most of the US would support this deal if it were not for a clause that would inject a huge dose of Identitarian religious dogma into the government. AOC has already claimed their position in her now famous 'We are in charge and you are just shouting from the cheap seats' statement made this week. This sort of attitude is their answer to the republicans, in a sort of fight fire with fire strategy. Even this might be accepted at this point if there were any fiscal responsibility or clear path to the goals of the "green new deal", but… Read more »

Delon Thomas

If the democrats win 2020 will they make the world safer

Talloolah Moon

Fraud female

Excelsius Dei

Tax the rich feed the poor

Car Fan

2.9 million subscribers.

60 views lol…