AFA can’t stand Black Jesus Show, nobody surprised…


American Family Association Trying To Censor Or Boycott Black Jesus Show

One Million Moms, a group run by the American Family Association, would like the cable channel Adult Swim (a Turner channel that shares time with the Cartoon Network) not to air its show about a black Jesus. Failing an effort to prevent it from being shown, they’d now like you to boycott its sponsors.

One rather suspects it’s the “black” part that One Million Moms really objects to, but they insist it’s the foul language and the show’s “making a mockery of our Lord.” (They also seem upset that Black Jesus lives in Compton Gardens, a subdivision in Compton, and which is depicted as chock-full of, in their words, “violence, gunfire and other inappropriate gestures which completely misrepresent Jesus.”)

One Million Moms wants the show, which is set to premiere tomorrow, to never see the light of day. Failing that, which they will, they’re vowing to urge advertisers to boycott the show. Adult Swim has already issued a statement saying the show is not intended “to offend any race or people of faith.”



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Have you seen it? My husband wanted to watch it.