Sorry atheists, Americans hate the shit out of us… VIDEO




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  1. 49 percent of old farts who answer lame ass polls the rest of us say “fuck
    off’ to

  2. I’m a catholic but I’d marry an atheists cause God is relationship between
    a person and not peoples. And I understand why there is hate,since most
    religious people other than the USA actually like those who might not
    believe the same as them

    However hate comes from constant bashing by atheists I.e. Every day on TyT
    is this that we are bad, or we are stupid damn I just want to be
    accepted… I accept everyone, but apperently you find a small group of
    fundamentalists and make it seem like that is the consensus

    90% of Catholics 2011 survey by Vatican would accept female priests
    etc…we ain’t as backwards as you think many Christians are gay and

    As I said your relationship with God is between you and him/her

  3. Fuck religion and the bible there is no hell or heaven you are just scared
    of that fact that you’ll never get another chance to live what do you call
    someone who has an imaginary friend and talks to him all day? You would
    call that person crazy now tell me the difference between that and God?
    Exactly and where do you think animals go when they die? In your religion
    it says no where and I’m afraid thats the same as humans this is heaven
    here on earth this is the only time we’ll ever get to feel the suns light
    the wind from the trees the taste of food the smell of the rain we should
    appreciate it while we have before its too late I’ll tell you a secret.
    Something they don’t teach you in your church. Even if the God’s were real
    they would envy us. They envy us because we’re mortal, because any moment
    might be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed. You
    will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again.

  4. The biggest problem is that I doubt many theists have had much real contact
    with atheists. I imagine that it’s very easy to imagine the typical
    atheist as someone that wants to destroy everything you hold sacred if
    you’re a theist. I’ve been an atheist all my adult life and have never
    been offended by someone else’s harmless beliefs or traditions. I still
    celebrate Christmas with my parents, I’ve celebrated Chanukah with my
    cousins, and have avoided eating in front of those practicing Ramadan. I
    don’t do this because I’m humoring people, I know they have beliefs and I
    know that respect is a two way street. I have zero interest in converting
    anyone to atheism, if someone wants to talk about it I’m more then willing,
    but I’m more then happy to accept your beliefs as long as you’re willing to
    respect mine.

    The only time I get angry or upset is when you have people trying to force
    their beliefs on others. I have no problem with any religious text in a
    school but not in science class.

  5. Atheists can be pretty obnoxious.
    I mean I’m not talking about your average Agnostic, which is the majority
    of the non-believers. I mean Atheists, people who believe that everyone
    else is wrong, and they are right, and have a tendency to want to “convert”
    everyone around them. It’s annoying as hell. 

  6. In a century half the country, if not more, probably will be atheist. We
    are the fastest growing minority after all, magic isn’t very convincing in
    the Age of Information.

  7. after reading a lot of comments, i’ve come to some conclusions.
    1) most atheist think atheist can do no wrong.
    2) most atheist think that using hate gets rid of hate.
    3) most atheist think that they are the chosen few who’s job it is to
    educate the ignorant children of the world and clean them of their
    religious ways.
    4) most atheist don’t see that like act exactly like the religious people
    they hate and if you point it out they miss the point completely.

    my overall point is that if you stop caring, everyone will. it’s annoying
    when anyone shoves their beliefs on you, just because you’re atheist and
    fill justified in doing so doesn’t mean otherwise. everyone just needs to
    stop caring so much about people personal beliefs because everyone is

  8. 2:37 And there is the reason most atheists aren’t liked very much. I bet
    Cenk has never looked at the flaws in evolutionism that secular scientists
    are admitting to.
    His “I’m right, you’re an idiot” attitude is typical of elitist atheists.
    Agnostic my arse.

  9. Cenk, if you consider yourself an Agnostic, rather than an atheist, then
    you aren’t hated by 49% of the country.

  10. As an atheist, my girlfriend’s “Christian” dad told me they would never
    give me their blessing for marriage. It sometimes makes me upset, but I
    know I can’t let it get to me because if he is going to flat out deny his
    blessing to me as out flat out bigotry, he won’t be welcome at the wedding
    if we do get married. I sure hope that someday he will come around and
    attempt to reach out to me, but somehow I doubt that will happen. 

  11. Well, then it’s only a matter of time before all those rebellious
    youngsters begin wholeheartedly embracing atheism to snub their parents.

  12. It’s because of people like The Amazing Atheist and Thunderf00t. They are
    so in your face about it that it’s very off putting. Hard to enjoy the
    company of somebody who NON-STOPS talks about how there is no god, why you
    believe in god, how you’re wrong, ect… They’re the debbie downer of
    society and it’s no wonder this poll turned out how it is.

    It all stems from this stereotype which is true in many cases.

  13. Cenk, watch your own videos. Your hate for religion is unquestionable. You
    actively ridicule them everyday. I don’t hear religious people doing this,
    though you manage to find some obscure nutty person to try to validate your
    stereotypical ideas. Who would want a person like this in your own family,
    or even vote for some one like this? Progressives … think about it this.

  14. I’m Roman Catholic & I’d prefer an atheist any day over a born again
    Christian, baptist or morman. 

  15. Many atheists are bothered by people calling themselves agnostic. I’m not.
    Hell, right here, Cenk makes it clear he rather feels he falls in our camp,
    and certainly understands our objections to theism, *especially* when it
    comes to theism manipulating politics.

  16. If atheists want to be accepted then they themselves must accept those with
    different views and beliefs. That fact, however, is that most atheists tend
    to be the most smug, self absorbed, self righteous, intolerant, bigoted,
    dishonest, pseudo intellectual people around. When you have atheists like
    Sam Harris winning awards and accolades from atheists for advocating
    murdering people merely for the beliefs they hold, politicking to get
    people, like Francis Collins, fired simply for being Christians, brushing
    aside rape as positive for evolution, etc, as your representative, it
    should come as no surprise that atheists are so distrusted. You atheists
    have nobody else to blame for this view most Americans hold of you but

  17. It’s just as bad in Canada… Many of the drug rehabilitation programs,
    here, gauge their patients success on how spiritual you’ve become. Even
    career assessment test have “cleric” as a career option. 

  18. Its cuz everyone thinks America is a Christian nation, and the majority of
    America is Christian… it will come to pass soon enough when critical
    thinking, and logic comes to be more prevalent. :)

  19. Meh this makes sense. Believers don’t want anything spoiling the fairy
    tale. Religions are designed to propagate and atheists tend to raise
    non-religious children. 

  20. like those crazy born christians and roman catholics would share a drinking
    fountain with pagans that worship zeus or wiccans. you would need at least
    50 separate drinking fountains for all those loons and then another one for

  21. I would like to point out that when you say atheist in the US, you
    generally mean the extreme, hardcore atheists that are 100% certain there
    is no god and will ridicule and challenge anyone saying otherwise.

    Meanwhile here in Finland, I’d say 75% of our population would be more or
    less comfortable being labeled as an atheist, despite being agnostics and
    members of a church.

    However in strict linguistic definitions, agnostics ARE atheists, but they
    are still not interchangeable words. Theism answers if you belive.
    Gnosticism answers to what degree you believe. So you could easily divide
    belief in several categories.

    Gnostic theists, knows there is a god for certain.
    Strong gnostic theist, is convinced god exists
    Weak agnostic theist, thinks god exists, but isn’t completely convinced
    Weak agnostic atheist, thinks there is no god, but isn’t certain of it
    Strong agnostic atheist, is positively convinced there is no god
    Gnostic atheist, knows there is no god and isn’t afraid to show why he
    thinks that, usually…

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