“An Event That Atheists Ignore” – VIDEO




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Stalin was an atheist, and he killed more people than Hitler did.

A random Sunbro

You should team up with a youtuber named Chase( look in my subscription list) he's a pretty exquisite Christian debater.

Mr. Generic

i had to cut a part about the inquisition out because i confused another event with the inquisition

I never got his point. A rambling video with no direction…

RT @holesinthefoam: “An Event That Atheists Ignore” – VIDEO – https://t.co/D5oF4lYHEf #Atheism #GooberVideos #XtianIdiots https://t.co/YwfX…

Those are my favorites. 😛

Holes In the Foam enlighten me. Even though I skipped through it the video was painful to watch. I felt like all of the people Striker talked to in Airplane.