And of course, they didn’t get caught until just now. It’s Floriduh.

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Robert Kraft Arrest: Armed Men Moved Sex-Trafficking Victims Between Spas

STUART, Florida—Armed men driving luxury vehicles moved sex slaves between massage parlors across Florida as part of a “transnational human trafficking ring,” Martin County Sheriff William Snyder told The Daily Beast.

The widening investigation made national news last week when authorities said New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was among dozens of men charged with soliciting prostitution at spas across south Florida. Since then the probe has grown to identify several new suspects who moved women and cash from spa to spa, according to Snyder.

Snyder said several men he described as mostly white were surveilled shuttling women every few weeks between massage parlors. A female victim of the trafficking ring said that “the man who was moving her around had a gun, and indicated that he would use it,” according to Snyder. The men also threatened the women to prevent them from leaving the spas, he said. (The sheriff’s office recovered two firearms during their raids of the parlors.)

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