Anthony Fantano’s (TheNeedleDrop) Question to DP and The Bible Reloaded on Atheism… – VIDEO


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  1. wasnt aware fantano was an atheist. chuuuuch
    . cant wait for fantano as guest on the Drunken Peasants podcast

  2. When was this video aired? Because, I have seen almost every DP and I don’t
    remember this question.

  3. Seems like he’s insecure about his own atheism, and over compensates with a
    long meandering question about whether it’s “cool” or not. A belief doesn’t
    need to have a sense of rating or acceptance from others.

  4. To answer his actual question, I think one of the reasons young people make
    fun of atheists is because teenagers tend to kind of dismiss intelligence
    and skepticism, which are desirable traits among atheists. That kind of a
    world view is kind of challenging to grasp and can make people feel
    uncomfortable, and to feel less uncomfortable they make fun of atheists.

    When I went to school it felt like being good in something that required
    intelligence was nerdy and undesirable, which is why the talented students
    got picked on.

    Although in Finland religiousness among teenagers is made fun of so I
    really havent experienced what Anthony’s talking about.

  5. He might mean cool as in Internet cool in a counter culture way? Because
    there was a time before “le fedora” ebin maymay that being a Christfag on
    the Internet meant certain death or being an Atheist was the norm almost.
    Now everytime said discussion starts it’s just bombarded with fuckwits
    going “WELP HE HAS A RIGHT TO HIS BELIEFS” which is true but just because
    that’s the case doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be discussion or people aren’t
    allowed it. A large portion of the Internet regardless of their religious
    beliefs just all respond like Agnostics did a few years ago. I’ve read “I’m
    a ‘insert belief here’ and I believe debating this is pointless we’ll all
    find out when we die” enough to last a life time.

    Point is, we were known as assholes who didn’t give religion an inch when
    the whole 4 horsemen thing was going on. Then betas were called fedora
    wearing virgin neckbeards which people later latched on to Atheists and
    MRAs which I think happened when our secular shindig started getting
    ransacked by the social justice police in 2011 I believe. MRAs got it
    because Feminists kept calling them it and we got it because Feminists
    first started calling us it followed by other randoms on the Internet.

    Atheism was never “cool” but it was never seen as lame by the Internet
    either until in the last few years.

  6. So you guys were too slow to hear the question he asked?

    He asked if you thought the negative image brought up with atheism is most
    cases was something that should be combated and if it’s something we should
    try to change.

  7. +The Amazing Atheist Can you make an mp3 RSS feed? I’ve been able to watch
    a couple episodes on break, but I don’t normally have two hours to devote
    to a wifi connection. Could also be an opportunity to splice a read or two
    in for a little more ad revenue. 

  8. The guy is like a fucking Heath Ledger Joker. I’m rather frightened and not
    many things do that.

  9. that dude sux ass!! the music he reviews all sucks and he disses good shit
    . for instence the new aphextwin album

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