Anthony Fantano’s (TheNeedleDrop) Question to DP and The Bible Reloaded on Atheism… – VIDEO


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wasnt aware fantano was an atheist. chuuuuch
. cant wait for fantano as guest on the Drunken Peasants podcast

Teddy Wright

When was this video aired? Because, I have seen almost every DP and I don’t
remember this question.

EpicOru Ulterra

What a pretentious fucking asshole. Fuck this dumbass.


Seems like he’s insecure about his own atheism, and over compensates with a
long meandering question about whether it’s “cool” or not. A belief doesn’t
need to have a sense of rating or acceptance from others.

Adam A

that guy is really trying too hard to be the joker!

Drunken Peasants
adam hodder

Straight from the hall of wonky cameras, it’s Anthony Fanta!


Anthony fagtaro rates everything a 5 it’s fucking annoying 

Anton H

To answer his actual question, I think one of the reasons young people make fun of atheists is because teenagers tend to kind of dismiss intelligence and skepticism, which are desirable traits among atheists. That kind of a world view is kind of challenging to grasp and can make people feel uncomfortable, and to feel less uncomfortable they make fun of atheists. When I went to school it felt like being good in something that required intelligence was nerdy and undesirable, which is why the talented students got picked on. Although in Finland religiousness among teenagers is made fun of… Read more »

The Pope Mobile

He might mean cool as in Internet cool in a counter culture way? Because there was a time before “le fedora” ebin maymay that being a Christfag on the Internet meant certain death or being an Atheist was the norm almost. Now everytime said discussion starts it’s just bombarded with fuckwits going “WELP HE HAS A RIGHT TO HIS BELIEFS” which is true but just because that’s the case doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be discussion or people aren’t allowed it. A large portion of the Internet regardless of their religious beliefs just all respond like Agnostics did a few years… Read more »

Drackon Drauc

Christ, this guy is annoying…

Mick Jagger

Jesus, you guys are such douchebags. 

Remigiusz Maciaszek

Where is monday’s show, pheasants? 

Theodore Roosevelt

This guy does a ton of coke.

Ara raragi

So you guys were too slow to hear the question he asked?

He asked if you thought the negative image brought up with atheism is most
cases was something that should be combated and if it’s something we should
try to change.


The answer to his question is Turtle. Just because Turtle. 

Christopher Brown

+The Amazing Atheist Can you make an mp3 RSS feed? I’ve been able to watch
a couple episodes on break, but I don’t normally have two hours to devote
to a wifi connection. Could also be an opportunity to splice a read or two
in for a little more ad revenue. 


i was unaware of this ¨ stereotype ¨… blueberrypie is more productive
than this guy´s video 



Brahmin Herder

This motherfucker looks and sounds like Shade from Borderlands


He put up a nice Jack Nicholson inspired soliloquy/question

bryan cuevas

thats theneedledrops alter ego channel (he crazy on that channel)


The guy is like a fucking Heath Ledger Joker. I’m rather frightened and not
many things do that.

Dylan Stock

I love Anthony but he never should have submitted this question!


lol I love this guy

Flynn Taggart

Anybody else getting a Shade (Borderlands 2) vibe from him?


That’s awesome that TheNeedleDrop watches you guys! Or at least knows who
you guys are.


does anyone else get a weird riddler or joker vibe from this guy


He makes fun of Tj for wearing a fedora, as he wears sunglasses indoors.


is it just me or is this guy doing his best nick cage impersonation?


Feeling a decent to strong 7 on this video


Holy shit! theneedledrop cross drunken peasants!


Anthony Fantano is a fuckin cunt 


It would be a strong 8 – Decent 9 if y’all niggas get this motherfucker on

Tanner Lushaw


Ayy Lmao

Two of my favorite channels 

Mark Woods

why be an atheist?


Is it just me or is he doing a Max Headroom sorta thing in this video.

bryan cuevas

i wanted to see that fat fuck tj talk about the new manson album with

aran astesana

im scared, hes trying to eat me 

J Ribs

Get Fantano on the pod now

Alex Austin

that guy in the first video reminds me of shade from borderlands 2


that dude sux ass!! the music he reviews all sucks and he disses good shit
. for instence the new aphextwin album

Jacob B

god i want to fuck him so bad.