Who are these “Anti-Christian Atheists”? – VIDEO



Anti-Christian Atheists. Is there an anti-christian movement? Is there a war on christianity? I don’t think so, and here’s why. Main channel: http://www.yout…



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“…No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. …”
Observe? EQUAL PROTECTION as in rights to marry, own property, etc. may not be abridged for reasons like SEX! It’s easy to see why you support class warfare idiot.


Sorry, here’s the text of the 14th Amendment declaration of equal treatment “… when the right to vote at any election …is denied to any of the male inhabitants of such State, being twenty-one years of age, and citizens of the United States, or in any way abridged, except for …crime, the basis of representation therein shall be reduced….” thus any grant of rights may not be exclusive since the right to vote is the foundation of a republic and must be equally apportioned.


Yeah, true, says CDC. Remember, not one conservanazi raised his hand when Sussenbrenner proposed the Patriot Act (which he now wants changed to exclude CONSERVATIVE Teagagger terrorists but not PETA civil disobedience actors)


Ok.. at 1:40 this brainless twit says Christianity is infringing on her rights. Question 1) What rights is she referring to? and related to, Question 2) How are those rights being infringed upon?

The 12th Amendment refers to the election of a president. The 16th Amendments allows congress to levy income taxes.

It’s easy to see how she won your support. LOL

This moron doesn’t even know what an infringement is if you listen to her examples in her brain dead rant.

John White

Nah. Not true.

andrew huckle

i <3 you.. great upload!


Actually, she knows exactly what rights are as enumerated under Amendments 12 and 16, equal rights for all is the supreme law of the land.


They believe in the risen god, son of god and god himself, just as you do. It is a Christian church. They just won’t pull punches the way you do.


John, you idiot, it is the RED states which lead in divorce, suicide, drugs, drinking and violence. It is in conservanazi run states that we find all the pregnancies and the highest rate of abortion is in the state of Alabama. As for depression, it is republicans and their starve the workers which have caused most of it.
As for loss of freedom, it happened under Bush with the Patriot act, so deal, Roe had nothing to do with it, and liberals INCREASE your freedom by fighting government.


on my knees praying not to get raped!


Can giant FTM gorillaz with grandma hats in flying space pasta dishes be a thing?


ATTENTION ATHEIST & EVOLUTIONISTS Your religion is idol worship and against a just and holy God !
You have put your blind faith in the mind of men TURN TO GOD NOW YOUR JUDGMENT IS NEAR ! close at hand ! Turn to Christ and he will turn to you and save you from the pit which was not intended for you REPENT before its to late

Robert Christian

Jaclyn, if those people come to your door every weekend, maybe you should set up your camera to capture it and politely ask them questions like you’re interested until you back them into a theological corner, and then drop some logic and reason on them. It might be good entertainment.



John White

Infringes on your rights eh? So how should our country be run? In case you have not noticed America is a cesspool of divorces, suicides, drugs, drinking, violent crime, teen pregnancies, abortions and depression ever since Roe V Wade and Murray v. Curlett . Your so called liberal freedom will force less freedom to come about! As big brother just has to take care of all stupidity going on. This country is in a social crisis. All because they want nothing to do with the God of the bible.


Only if people keep the JEWISH Ten Commandments you mean you moron and as for turn the other cheek, what do you think a CRUSADE is?

Goat Eater

dear Christians from the U.S.A… please know your kids can prey in school,there is nothing stopping them…However… people who wish not to pray have that right… Stop forcing your faith and your lord and savior on everyone else… just cuz you worship a god dos not give you a higher standing in society, you don’t get special rights cuz you fear fictional places and beings…So go forth and pray in school,just don’t get piss’t if people don’t wanna join in,don’t pray for us,we don’t need it

da mardrake

God says marriage is between a man and woman, their daughters, any female slaves, any woman he can rape, several mistresses and any male lovers those women sluts get/get raped by. But two same sex adults who love one another getting married? THAT’S A SIN!


At the end of the day gay couples just want the same rights a married couple do, so I don’t see why they can’t make a non christian alternative to marriage, civil union? I’m sure that would satisfy both parties.


Move to scandinavia! that’s one of the least religious places on earth (and peacefull), even if you walk around with a T-shirt saying “Jesus loves you” people would think you are a lunatic :), and not because you are not aloud to believe in whatever you want, to us it is just extremely rude because it is considered to be a very personal matter, not something you should preach about.


Can no-one go and kill the Westboro Baptist Church? Because I want to meet them, not as an idolisation, I just to see what they are like. Plus I kind of like talking to Jehovah Witnesses. Not on my doorstep, they are in my personal space then, but I was once stopped on the street by them and we had an interesting talk.


The Westboro Baptist Church is NOT a Christian church. They are an abomination that took our name in order to drive the world further away from Christ.


This silly confused little girl doesn’t know what “rights” are and she is telling you monkeys on a limb (successfully too I might add) how they are infringed upon.



Charles Darwin

cool story bro


I’ve had very ridiculous encounters with atheists.


Says the guy who never even read a report on the sexual behavior of CHIMPANZEES for instance, where gay sex is about equal with straight sex


There’s a troll here, I think it’s you. Atheism has never, NEVER, been the cause of war. There may have been warmongers who were atheists, but atheism was not the cause of the war.


Hating something just because it’s different is bigotry, whether that difference is racial, ethnic, or sexual preference. It’s bigotry, and you’re an ass for trying to equate homosexuality with pedophilia. It’s not the same thing, and that’s not what we’re talking about. Homophobia is bigotry, that’s the topic of discussion, keep your strawman arguments out of it.


There is no more “bigotry” in rejecting homosexuality then there is any other name brand of hatred if a 14 year old girl rejects the laminations of a 50 year old man. The only difference is one is a abomination to creation and all that is natural.


this doesn’t seem to happen to us in UK, and i live on same street as a church


Bigotry is an abomination! Excessive punctuation is an abomination!!!!!!!!!!


Perhaps you should be more clear, work on your communication skills.


We unbelievers design the bombs, the plagues, the poisons. You sure it will go your way? I think not.


Well that explains your ignorance.


Aren’t you lucky the 30% who do not believe are not coming after YOU? Since we are the scientists who build the bombs, any war would go badly for you ignorant trolls


Yea . The Marine Corps made me what I am .. LOL


I am not a Christian ! since you do not know about me then perhaps you should tread lightly.


So you’re admitting that you’re a psychopath, restrained only by your unfounded faith in the son of a stolen god.

Kim Kerchner

Yes, you are right on and I could not agree more with your words of wisdom.
However, there are other people on this site who might get it, not to mention other Christians that might get some clarity.
Maybe only one person will find this information useful and respond to the good news of the gospel.
Thanks again.