Anti-Theism, Racism, & Antisemitism – VIDEO


What’s the difference between anti-theist and anti-theism?
And how is antisemitism wrongly thrown into the mix with racism?

Clips allowed for commentary
under fair use and taken from:

“How the Jews Treat Christians in Israel”

“Israeli Extremists in America”

“Jewish Woman Calls State Of Israel Nation Of CROOKS !”

The Racial Supremacist State of Israel Deports Non Jews


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  1. I love the fact that you have the courage to call out the Jews on their bullshit. I follow AiU too and he constantly kisses their ass.

  2. So, your a nice anti-Christ? But how do you explain the Power we live with? Can you call up the dead with your voice, or part the storm and call it to be quite and God do the works? No, that is why you do not beleave in God, right? If He did, could you possibly not beleave in Him?Most atheist beleave in science fiction more than real science. Are you one of those? The only way I know God is real is by His Power, not by preachers or the Bible. When you reach out to God in desperation He does things no-one and nothing can do.When I desire something I get it, but how? If people offend me they suffer. Just as if I were one of His little ones. Is it all in my mind? Or am I Powerful in myself, a Evolved man beyond your expectations. He showed me something I use on mean atheist, but it worked on me aswell. So, I think it might work with you aswell. Not that the media is right, or the so-called preachers. But there is a Spirit of Truth as The Beloved Son said. I know it is not me because He also gives me my hearts desire, though no-one knew, I said nothing verbally. I have a question that might change your outlook. Do you want to hear it, or are you stick on atheism if it is right or wrong?

  3. Anti-semitism is a term that misses the label completely since Arabs and Assyrians for instance, are also semites. Its anti-jewish, no one ever refers to anti-semitism as one hating ALL semites in existence, including Arabs. Technically, since an Arab is a semite, you can't really call him anti semitic, no more than you could call a Ukrainian "Anti-Slavic" referring to a hatred of Russians. Two linguistic groups can't really be "anti" against each other based on the very basic language classification they both share. The three semites I've mentioned are all on a war path since Assyrians are christian, Arabs are muslim and Jews are their own religious group, and none tend to get along very well. Anti-jewish is more precise, maybe ?

  4. Atheism is the rejection of God claims.Atheism is not a statement of belief.Plain and simple.

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