Anti-theist atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair on the Donahue Show 1970… – VIDEO


Holy shit, where are vocal atheist women today? This woman kicked ass. Amazing how much sense and courage this woman had back then, and a real shame that we …



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Loving this woman


How can you hate this woman? She’s funny as fuck, and she is handing this
pastor his ass.

Abu Rush

She was way ahead of her time. She cracked me up many times though

Graham Skelly

man she is awesome and I didn’t really mind the preacher in this
conversation he was fun and mostly polite. I heard of Madalyn O’hair
before of course but this was the first video I remember of her, and I wish
I had seen her before. Simply wonderful


What the fuck. This show misspelled Atheist as “Athiest” too? Spelling is
hard, huh?

Allow Assisted Suicide

“He’s absolutely certain that the lord made a direct intervention in his
life, so he was saved”. So, because of direct intervention, he gets to
escape hell, while everyone “the lord” neglects to intervene in are just

Godless Mom

Anti-theist atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair on the Donahue Show 1970


Real sad the way she was kidnapped and mutilated, along with her son and

Lee Bowen

JC has changed his life, I agree! JC provided the scam that makes him his

David Buckingham

I remember no longer having to pretend I was praying each morning in school and what a relief it was. I remember having to remain quite while the adults railed about this woman, all the time thinking how logical and correct the outcome of the case against prayer in school was while most were damning it out loud. I remember saying the Pledge of Allegiance as: “one nation, , indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”– and thinking my silent pause for “under god” was exercising the liberty and justice spoken about. Madalyn gave me the opportunity to feel justified… Read more »


Hehe, I wouldn’t wanna fight with that woman. Mouth like a razorblade. Put
her and Hitch in a room and there’s no telling what they might come up
with. Too bad they’re gone… :(

Canadian Antitheist

the video ended in the middle of someone’s question

Simon Clark

This is the most passive-agressive conversation that has ever probably
happened! It’s hilariously awkward.
They might as well say; “I fucking hate your guts… Ha ha ha….”
“Oh that’s fine thank you, and I fucking hate yours too. Ha ha ha.”


This was fun… But she was not a good example of rational atheism.

Read on her: I double checked and though short, wiki has the important

Her son converted to Christianity, and her utter hatred knew no bounds..
[From wiki] Learning of this, she commented: “One could call this a
postnatal abortion on the part of a mother, I guess; I repudiate him
entirely and completely for now and all times … he is beyond human


2:14 He says this like its a bad thing. We owe her a debt of gratitude
for removing prayer from school pledges.

Eric Masters

She was murder by one of her own employee. She attack him through the
journal of AA, call him homosexual. After she disappears the AA didn’t care
to demand a fully investigation, it was her son, the son who converted to
Christianity and the one that she outcast that ultimately refuse to accept
the police work.

Lee Bowen

Donahue was an asshole in 1970 and still is!


Back in the 70s, I belonged to American Atheists, Madalyn’s organization, and have always admired her greatly. For younger atheists, I would really recommend her books which tell her story and the history of the prayer in school victory. The physical abuse she suffered from Christians is shocking. I think history will revisit Madalyn’s life and works. One of the great things she did was start the American Atheist Press which offered (at low cost) many atheist titles that had been out of print. It formed a part of my early atheist education. Great gutsy lady. Her death, mutilated and… Read more »


She was murdered rather gruesomely for anyone who would want to know
that… Cut up with a saw with her family members and their savings stolen.
Pretty crazy.

James Powers

The dead end less-than-worthless atheist/evolutionist philosophy claims you are an evolved animal that’s living a non-purpose meaningless life headed to an empty worthless “dead end” grave RAPIDLY forgotten. It offers humanity nothing but dung. Dung for their past, dung for their current life and nothing but dung for their future. The atheism/evolution devalues self and society and you should be ashamed to promote it’s useless aims. The utterly empty philosophy is described in the Bible: Psalms 53:1.. “The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.” Anyone who embraces this dangerous philosophy is lost, We have “meaning, purpose… Read more »

Peder Thil

Retro pwnage from Madalyn Murray O’Hair. Christopher Hitchens is dead now.
Who’s next?


Thanks for this upload, there was an excellent BBC documentary on Madalyn
Murray O Hare last year, quite a life she led ending in being tortured and
killed by a man she befriended. A gruesome end to a great stalwart of

Lee Bowen

Madalyn made him look like the buffoon he is.


“Wake up America? […] But you know if America wakes up: What America will
do is kick christianity out and all of your preachers…”

ixtl guul

she is awesome

Kolby Jack

Hahahaah the part about the black people in heaven. Fuck she is hilarious.
What an awesome lady! 

Callum Dillon

Was this woman the founder of American atheists

A great woman.