Atheist Republic: Anti-Theist vs. Atheist on the Utility of Religion




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Hector Hernandez

What proof or evidence you have that atheism is accurate and correct? Atheism is a believe system..worst that bad religion..

thalia garcia

Friended is as narrow minded on feminism as he complains the anti-theist are with religion. The funny thing is, he seems to be all for religious "identity" and ideology like JP, but when it comes to the left, feminists etc, according to them, they are not allowed to have identity or ideology or nothing, they have to be individualists because they say so, therefore they are always being attacked and condemned by them. At least Armin understands that there are all kinds of feminists and their value, and it is a lot more nuanced than the caricature the others make… Read more »

GreyFensir Wulf

The fairy potion analogy… Lol all that shit happened… But if the lie had not happened then the people would have died and there would have been no one to take advantage of. I guess its better they had died?

B e

Some people argue that anti-theists are just as bad as religious people who are intolerant of other Christians. What do you think about this?

Last First

Which galaxy has this guy come from!
Doesn’t he know about all the violence which right now is advocated and practiced by religions in the world?!!?
Does he think the anti abortionists, faith healers, genital mutilation practitioners and … are believing and doing their acts free from religion?

Last First

Anti theism is the way the world should follow. Religions are immoral and organized to submit people to the fear of the unknown. That they are free to brein wash kids or to get away with thousands of blatant lies and immoral and superstitious filth and their negative effects on everythings and everybody should be enough to ban them from public and from organizing anything. You can’t name a single thing in the society that religion hasn’t tried to ban or corrupt it. If we don’t ban them they will always find back a way to take the power back… Read more »

Matthew Shute

35:08 What? Ridiculous. The friend I would want is the one who warns me about the scammers, not the one who lets me get conned to spare some sense of pride I might have. But this is where you end up when you posit that you can't attack someone's bad ideas without attacking their very "identity", so it's somehow a big taboo. Not only would this mean the death of all intellectual debate across the board, but also Adam doesn't even believe it. If he did, he would never argue against anti-theism. Arguing against anti-theism would be attacking the precious… Read more »

Timon Alexandr

@19:00 was a complete lie. North Korea is not religious at all. North Korea is officially designated as an atheist state.


Anti theist DESTROYS atheist…
Nice stream, hope you fix the lag issues next time.


As soon as Armin said that 'love thy neighbor' and 'turn the other cheek' were bad ideas, he lost all credibility in my book. He's so dognatic in his anti-theism it's like the Trump-derangement-syndrome liberals.

Shannon Q

Oh I can't wait for this!

Nick Bosman

I'm going to weigh in and say "existential security" a few times too.


I'd rather people pray over me while I die rather than quote Harry Potter to me.

Earthling Carl

All atheists should read The Irrational Atheist by Vox Day, exposes the lies of Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens very nicely.

Zatchooze Naut

Why do we need to believe in magical lightning bolts when we can believe in reality? In the repercussions of our actions?

Zatchooze Naut

I think Armin could just use a real life example better than a long story. Like the anti vaxxers in Africa who killed doctors. Or the many cases of when parents chose faith healing over modern medicine and cause children's death.

Zatchooze Naut

Telling an atheist he is not really atheist is as good as saying "I reject reality and substitute my own". Deny the atheist who can tell you directly that he is there and believe in the god that can never tell you that he is there. How is this different from a delusion again?

Zatchooze Naut

If you're going to cherry pick the bible, why not throw away the rest of it? Ideas are not toolboxes. I may have some similar ideas to your beliefs but this does not mean I share your belief system.
Friended needs scientific study to tell him wife beating is bad. Are you serious?
When he brought up hitting people who don't agree with you with rocks as natural inclination, I question his upbringing.

Zatchooze Naut

If people feel that their identity is threatened when their ideas are challenged then they need to get better ideas. It's how we improve. Religions will continue to demonize disbelievers weather or not you criticize them. There are over 100 verses in the Quran that insult disbelievers or threaten them with fire.
Just because religions have been around longer does not mean they are better in any way. Modern evidence based medicine is relatively new but it is far better than any bloodletting treatment we've used before.

Zatchooze Naut

I'm an atheist in Malaysia but that doesn't suddenly make me part of some dictatorship. What is this guy's point really? Why can't universal healthcare exist without religion?

la patria o la tumba

First argument is nonsense. Secular NGOs are at level playing field with churches on tax exemptions and political lobbying power leverage.

Atheist Republic

What topics do you suggest we cover next?

Cunt Spell

I once asked Friended during a stream when Christianity stopped being an honor culture and he said last 300 years, which is exactly when the enlightenment changed their society. I like when Friended screams anecdotal at clear examples of how shitty religion is while worshiping a bunch of evolutionary psychologists whose whole craft is making half-assed broad assertions based on loaded questionnaires.


The British Healthcare system is a Religion!

KC Atheist

I wish I would have caught this live Armin. This guy is full of shit.Can't wait to see this conversation.
FF argues in circles & is very Petersonish ,Loves to tell you what books he has read constantly. In short, I'm not a fan of this guy.

I've never heard him bring up the demonizing garbage before this& I've watched him many times He is full of shit..