AP: Abuse survivor blasts Pope on lack of concrete plan


(24 Feb 2019) An angry victim of clerical sexual abuse lashed out at the Catholic Church on Sunday declaring that the results of the four-day Vatican summit on abuse were just “words.”
Standing with a group of victims in St. Peter’s Square at the end of Pope Francis’ Sunday Angelus prayer, victim Alessandro Battaglia said they were all dissatisfied.
“We are not in agreement with this. Four days to come up with a piece of paper, to come up with a series of banal responses, useless things that would take 15 minutes to write. Is this the church we want to believe in?”
Battaglia said he has been waiting for the church to change for seven years while others have been waiting for 30 years.
“Why don’t they start with something concrete like removing the bishops who cover up,” Battaglia suggested.
On Sunday, Pope Francis wrapped up a four-day summit with 190 bishops from around the globe to tackle the problem of sexual abuse of clergy.



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