AP: Belgian MEP: Brexit plan now a ‘game of hide and seek’


(10 Dec 2018) A key member of the European parliament’s Brexit team says that Theresa May’s Brexit strategy has turned into “a game of hide and seek” which will fail to force the EU to renegotiate the UK withdrawal deal.
Green MEP Philippe Lamberts told the Associated Press that, despite May’s claim to seek additional reassurances to the UK deal with the EU already struck, there would be no changes awaiting her at Thursday’s EU summit.
“We are fully behind negotiator Michel Barnier but he has been very clear: if you want Brexit, the deal is on the table and there will be no other deal,” Lamberts said.
And Lamberts, who sits on the EU legislature’s Brexit steering group, added that May’s plan for a whirlwind tour of diplomacy ahead of the summit would change naught.
“The only net result of this round of capitals will be an additional amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.”
Apart from the member states, the European Parliament also needs to approve the UK withdrawal deal.



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