1. You can’t judge the entire religion by their extremists….Christian post circumcision penis sucking ritual causing serious infections? Ahh Christian assholes!!
    Judging the entirety of the religion on it’s worst cases makes you look just as bad

  2. John, nobody is doing that. But unfortunately, if you take some time to learn about islam, there is a reason this extremism is so pervasive in its religion. The supposed moderates and people who want to supposedly want to bring islam into the 21st century (the few that exist), are not willing to stand up and take their religion back from the extremists, who, sorry to say, are just following the Q’uran VERBATIM.

    Christians are not currently killing people by the thousands, and pledging a global caliphate that will topple world governments. So no false equivalencies allowed, thanks. They are also not pouring acid on women, shooting girls in the head because they want to attend school, lighting women on fire while alive, chopping off clitorises, ‘honor killing pre-teen girls who don’t want to marry some 50 year old guy chosen by her father, shall I go on?

    This does not go without saying that all religions suck. But right now, we are talking about islam, and this shit needs to be taken seriously.

  3. Christian bigotry kills as certainly as any other religious bigotry. Intolerance of homosexuality leads gay youths to suicide every day. All religion is damning of someone in some way.

  4. Hi Don, no disagreeing with you. The catholic church alone is responsible for millions of deaths in Africa due to AIDS. But there are not hordes of christian psychos committing mass-extermination, and vowing global domination. So again, you gotta keep it real. Right now, we’re talking about muslims. Don’t worry, the xtians or any other denominations get no quarter from this site. Just take a look around. But that doesn’t mean blanket statements apply, they don’t.

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