Are You An Anti-Theist? A Handy Guide – VIDEO


A handy guide to anti-theism, as well as a call for reclamation of the term ‘anti-theist’ from those who have re-purposed it for their benefit at the expense of others.


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  1. Slightly inconsequentially, the word theory – as in Theory of Evolution in particular – is often used by the disingenuous to create much mischief, as I am sure we are all aware,

  2. An anti-theist is someone who follows anti-theism. This is how it's always been. The only time I heard "anti-theist" being referred to "someone who is against theists" is when AIU started using it and his followers stared repeating it. The blind leading the blind; anti-intellectuals teaching anti-intellectuals.

    Also, great way to describe what "someone who is against theists" is…

  3. can i ask you on something? what is your opinion on Steve shives and his feminism. i just what your input because i am working on a 3 hour response to Steve shives.

  4. Why would atheist/agnostics be afraid of theist/deist when many use to be believers at one or more points in their life?
    This is like sexually active people being afraid of people who chose to be virgins till they get married.

  5. You're a fucking moron. You do realize this problem can be fixed by simply taking out the hyphen. "Are you anti theism or are you anti theist?" Meaning that it is no longer a single word and simply becomes a term, yet the same point is still made.

    Noticed? Devon had no intention of using that title for simply garnering attention. "Atheism-is-Unstoppable" the name itself is a giant "fuck you" to Kirk Cameron and his movie Unstoppable. Why do you think the logo is the way it is? Are you saying that Devon wanted to start a cult back when he was making fun of Kirk, almost three years ago? It's a giant inside joke.

    There is no bigotry in being against people when you are against them for their ideas, not something arbitrary like skin color. Ideas are benign, by themselves they are harmless and only serve as a means of study. The only time ideas can be come harmful is when people take to those ideas and perform actions because of those ideas. When we talk about being anti theists, were talking about a spectrum. We have people who just believe in god on one end. I'm against those people because I am against the belief in a magic sky daddy, it's not healthy. Then we have people blowing themselves up for their religion. I'm also against those retards, therefore that makes me anti theists. But obviously not in the same way I'm against the ones who just believe in a magic magic sky daddy. Again it's a spectrum. No bigotry.

    Oh my, look at you trying to use Sargon as your shield. This is exactly like a child hitting another child, only to realize the second child could kick his ass, so in an attempt to save yourself you have run behind your father. Fucking pathetic. And if Sargon ain't anti theist, well then he's wrong on that. He's not necessarily a regressive, but he should be against people who believe in magical sky people.

  6. 1 minute in:
    I am an Anti-Theist because I hold the position of Anti-Theism, which is: I know there is no god, within my epistemological limits … simple as that. …. and out.

  7. Great video and much needed. I started to wonder about these words when I heard certain people claim Hitchens would agree with their stance on condemning individuals for believing. It is pretty obvious from Hitchens' own words he was against organized religion not all religious people. As far as I know, he always said he did not care about belief until someone starts to try to impose it on others. I think it is deplorable when people try to use him as an example to demonstrate bigotry is acceptable. Since people are already confusing calling out the problem of organized religions with bigotry, I think this misinterpretation of anti-theist and use of prominent people as examples is potentially harmful to the cause.

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