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Just chopping down trees for a bit of historical nonsense is a criminal act against nature.

domesticated dinosaurs hahahahahahaha

Domesticated Dinosaurs?? I sincerely hope he’s joking cause it’s that kind of stupidity that’s going to end this world! Bunch of fucken idiot ass-hats who think their doing “gods work” !

The Flintstones – you do know it’s not a documentary?

I’m stuck on arriving…..Noah built those all……or rather cut and hewn those all. Why is hammy being so lazy?!?!

Stupidity at a new level

Soon it will rain…..

He winked so I think it’s intended to be facetious. Let’s hope.


do what dinosaurs?

Unfortunately, in goober-world, you never really know when a thread is being poe’d. 😛

ROFLOL! They’re building an ark!? Too funny. What next, genetically engineer Muhammeds ‘flying horse’ ?

lets spend all this money building a fictional boat but lets NOT feed the hungry or clothe the naked as Jesus told you too. MORONS..

Photo: holesinthefoam: The ark builders are hard at work! 😛 http://t.co/UdBMhT3JfL http://t.co/LgWBcoXOJU

Idiots why isn’t god helping lol just in denile

The Flintstones

LMAO! Domesticated dinosaurs! Yabba Dabba Doo


Killing trees to make a point? I would think the time spent could be better used for volunteering somewhere.

It is true, it is in the Buy-Bull and on TV . Noah’s lesser known children, Fred and his wife Wilma, and Barney and his wife Betty, domesticated the dinosaurs and used them to build the ark. No mention of them in the KJV Buy-Bull was unfortunate. The revisers left them out because they felt that they were not important because they had drowned in the flood trying to save their dinosaurs, thus they did not contribute to the bottle-necked incestuous gene pool that modern man was descended from.


This actually hurts my brain.

How did an old drunkard and his kids build a real ark that saved all of the creatures of the earth, when a modern consortium of dunderheads with millions of dollars and modern construction equipment are going to take a few years to build a fake one? Want to impress me Ken? Do this shit by hand and without a single steel tool to help you. Maybe your skydaddy will come on down and give you a hand.

yabba dabba douchebags is more like it

Funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.