Armin Navabi: The Poison Pill of Islam (Part 1 of 2)


Armin Navabi is a former Iranian Muslim and founder of He is a vocal critic of Islam, with a unique insider’s perspective and a passion to see people set free from religious dogma.

This is the first of a two-part feature.

Part 2 link:



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This video shows this guy suffered some sort of mental health. His phobia or fear was the concept of burning in hell! This misinformation regarding hell that was taught to him further compounded his fears. The culmination of all of these factors made him go into depression. Thus leaving the fold of Islam… The problem is when he had the fear of hell, instead of getting well rounded info regarding hell fire and Islam he was brainwashed with wrong info.

Amanda Goodall

Is he against all religion or just Islam? Cause plenty of Catholics with guilt complexes too, especially round sex.


That story was amazing, wow! Islam is not a religion of peace. So glad I left it. Best thing I’ve ever done in my life. And this story has given me great confidence in my choice. There were quite a few thoughts that he mentioned that I have thought in the past also, so glad I am not the only one. Islam is not logical at all

Morpheus x


Nasser Ares

Just stick in your belief brother armin and relax.. and let death speak if where we gunna go when we come to meet him(death)..dont overthink everything.just enjoy life..evrything has its end..and u know it..

stevie jongh

it is what can happen with young very sensitive kids: hell. I was also afraid of hell but catholics were usually not extreme. Hell was only for the worst and my parent made it a non issue. God was too good for this. Still no kid should ever get nonsense about hell again. But in the muslim world it is still a daily issue. Armin got a bad deal. Religion is a dangerous thing. Like you a lot by the way

stevie jongh

i really dislike islam, so sick

baher mohammed

So superficial. Islam is not what your mom or teacher told you. Islam is what in holy Quran and what prophet Mohammed said

Jozef Mikita

Religion, if any at all, should stay between walls of your house, between its roof and floor. If you want to pray, close yourself into closet and pray there. I do it like that. No one disturbs me and I do not disturb anyone.

Alexandre Pereira

Maybe Islam should try to link philosophy and religion. Catholic reasoning evolved out of this trap.


Damn, what a story. I'm glad he found his way out.

Saj Begzino

Atheist are Responsible for the death of Millions.

Tabligh JB

he look like… very low in knowledge of Islam… he more siah than Islam..

Tabligh JB

not age..but age of purberty..when u know the right and wrong

Tabligh JB

now I know..he from syiah… that means dosent matter u murtad or not that same..

Simon Smith

Religion hinders the advancement of human kind.

Aaron Fritzler

I've been viewing your videos. The ingredients you are gathering within are mainly based on your personal experiences you had during your childhood. Some of the statements you made are also based on the interpretation of individual for instance your teacher's opinion. To my opinion there's nothing as such as profound research or any convincing materials. What I also found strange is that the way that the questions were phrased has an ultimate agenda of convincing yourself that you are right in your quest. Well to my opinion things are still very hazy for you. And why try to convince… Read more »


His idea if suicide is pretty stupid since 15 is only one of the conditions of reason. Other two are growth of pubic hair and release of semen while sleeping. Only one has to be met.

He also clearly had a functioning brain and was quite aware of his surroundings so if he did kill himself he would be responsible since he clearly was aware of his actions and consequences. He was not an irresponsible child.


May be if you understood quran…may be you have become a better muslim..a better human

Just Human

Islam, above all the religions, is the biggest enemy of the intelligent, civilized world.

Arufa Warsani

He doesn't know islam completely,, read the quran first understand it and then talk about. I really appreciate that how he's coming out, but what he's saying about hell and heaven, hell heaven exist but it's gona be your soul. Quran was not only for Arabs ir for that century, you can interpret quran differently in every century. If it says that alcohol is haram then now it means every drug is haram, whatever takes you in a state where you forget your actions.

Douglas Achaiba

1:27 Most people are going to end up in Hell, that’s correct…that’s what Jesus taught. Any person who doesn’t put their faith in Jesus will die in their sins and will be in the Lake of Fire. This isn’t based on religion, but your relationship with Jesus.

Ashfaq Ahmed

Did he smokes some weed he need to stop that

Arnab S G

Hahaha.. Your thought of suicide before 15 should be followed by every other of them.

oh look a disappointment

religion is literally mental abuse – especially to children


If you left Islam, continue your life.

Why make videos against Islam.

Your happiness lies in your belief in atheism, lets see how happy you will be in 10, 20 or 30 years.


lewis forsythe

Plants have the ability to talk to you and show you what God is… Im totally serious!.. DMT…. is GOD