AronRa responds to the fat stupid creationist idiot… – VIDEO



Jake and Hugo, with Special Guest AronRa, read “Big Daddy?”, arguably the most famous piece of anti-evolution creationist propaganda available. Foundational …



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Creationist Cat

Aw man, I thought diss was going to be with Aron Rawrrrrrrr. 

Armoured Skeptic

I absolutely love how it looks like the professor’s head is about to
explode the ENTIRE time!
Ah fuck… not this “Life from rocks” shit again!

Atheism TV

What’s with creationists and *bananas* ???

Storm Pezzullo

Oh! Oh! I know what a kind is! It’s a term used as an escape hatch out of a
conversation that is above their level, pretending it means something when
it really means nothing! Do i get my Nobel Prize now?


“Sir, isn’t that circular reasoning?” Oh, you wanna play that game, Chick?
You really want to bring up circular reasoning? Alright, it’s your foot, I
can’t tell you not to shoot it if you’re so determined.


WRT the Kentucky law, the AA’s case against it was unsuccessful.

To be clear, though, it specifically applies to the person holding the
office, not just any person. Now, if that person were to file a suit, the
outcome might be different.


I have successfully googled the emu arms. I find it pleasing to think about
there being mini-T-Rexes running around on this planet 😀 really adorable


This tract is like a zanier version of the God’s Not Dead movie, just with
a science professor instead of a philosopher, lol.

Ham ster

Aron Ra can’t even say who made life. Believing we came from nothing is a
story for atheist children.

Cass Carter

Ah, fuck. Two of my favorite channels on YouTube– TBR and AronRa– unite
to do my favorite thing to watch on YouTube– mocking Chick Tracts. Can
you guys just go ahead and deliver me a pizza while you’re at it? Geez.
Talk about perfection.


Arrrggggghhhh! That f*&^% “6 kinds of evolution” deliberate lie. I’m *so* sick of this knowing dissembling from creationists, I’m at the point where if I run into someone who presents *any* of this nonsense either a) knows *nothing* of the fields being misrepresented as the “six kinds of evolution” (when only biological diversity is a part of evolution theory, and within that, there is no real micro/macro distinction) and is the kind of person who will argue against a position, and dismiss science, when they haven’t a *clue* as to what the theory actually contains, and have made no effor… Read more »

austin mcgough

Isn’t Dr.Dino from jessus camp?


its weir because neanderthal man was bigger stronger and might have even
been smarter but homo sapiens killed them off.. were we just more into
voilence? or did we work better in groups?


Was this tract the inspiration for the Kevin Sorbo abortion “God’s Not


Why do these stories with “evil atheist professors” always involve some young student somehow always having more knowledge than the professor whose class he is taking to learn about the subject? I get that sometimes a professor may make a mistake that a student could point out, and sometimes a student may have read up about some new thing that the professor may not have been aware of yet, but I don’t think there exists a student who knows more about a subject than the guy whose job it is to know about the subject. What is the appeal of… Read more »

Adam Wofford

The theme song at one point it sounds like the singer is saying Hugo
Unchained, instead of Jam, just wanted to point that out to everyone,
awesome show keep up the good work


As soon as I saw Dr. Kent Hovind, I covered up the Dr. with my finger.


My personal favourite vestigial structure would be the hip of a whale

St. Rawman

ok. when AronRa said everything that starts with ‘homo’ is a human, this
though came to my head, so I must share it. “Homo-sexualis-penis-erectus.”
yeah, its stupid, but it made me chuckle…

caesar Augustus

when will this madness stop :/ 

Alex Underwood

That fucking intro though XD


Wow, nice get. Hugo and Jake blowin’ up!!!

Aidan Crane

I still feel confused on evolution. Plz help

Larry Kingsworth

At one point, AroNa mentions where creationists were shown skull and asked
whether if they were human or not. I’ve heard that before, but I don’t
remember where. Does anyone have a link to that?

Dimitri Patranko

42:00- wait no one has seen, nor measured Gluons, thus they are made up?
Well I guess the professor now has the no up. No one has seen or measured
god, thus by this kids logic, gods is made up.


Also neanderthals were found to be related to us but they are not our
ancestors, they died off and I think it’s like 1% or 2% of European DNA is
Neanderthal meaning on average a European is about 1% or 2% Neanderthal,
not sure how correct that is, but that is what I have heard.

Bonny Bedlam

“What will happen if I die without believing this?” “You will have lived a
happier life, spent pursuing things that truly interest you without the
weighty guilt of possibly displeasing an invisible judge whose standards
are capricious and unpredictable.”

Robert Cornhole

“Chemical evolution” is unscientific and has never been observed?
It’s called NUCLEAR FUCKING FUSION, and you better damn believe it’s been
observed. Apparently creationists think the Cold War was fake, since all
those hydrogen bombs were duds anyway.

Anyone who uses the phrase “chemical evolution” earnestly doesn’t deserve
to be considered a fully developed adult.


reminds me of DK a bit .that’s a good thing btw
.(the theme tune)


The SPLC has lost all credibility with nearly everyone. It’s little more
than a money making entity. Some of it’s so-called “hate groups” are 1
person. They publish these reports so that no matter what is going on in
the country, they can raise more money. They do almost no charitable work
and much of the work they do are empty lawsuits against people who can
never pay. Nonetheless, the SPLC still gets the publicity, the victim gets
nothing and Morris Dees get’s richer.


wait. wait.. there are 9 muscles that atach to the tail bone? so like.. oh
wow that tail bone once needed muscles.. so it must have moved… like a
tale…. like the kind monkeys have.. i don’t know why christians are so
opposed to the idea.. everything mammalian is an animal.. what do they
think we are? plants? minerals? 

Put a few ridges on his head, and he would look Klingon!