CLICKHOLE: 7 Photos From ISIS We Still Owe Them Royalty Payments For…


These photos provide a fascinating glimpse of what life is like living under the brutal rule of ISIS, and we would like to get the militant group paid for them as promptly as possible.


1. In the Syrian city of Raqqa, women must wear niqabs to cover their face at all times when in public. It would be great if ISIS could email us an address where we can send a check, or a bank account code and routing number, if you’d prefer direct deposit.

2. Armed men patrol the streets to ensure compliance with strict religious law, which bans many forms of entertainment including music, sports, and alcohol. While we personally don’t approve of theocratic dictatorships, we are committed to paying all our photo contributors for the work they do.

3. Another fantastic photo by ISIS, showing one of the group’s frequent military parades. If you would like credit to go to a specific photographer, let us know their name. Until then, we’ll attribute the work to “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.”

4. ISIS has faced widespread condemnation for atrocities including genocide, slavery, rape, and videotaped executions. Of course, we would prefer not to send them money, but that isn’t our money to withhold. There are certain copyright laws we have to abide by, and honestly, ISIS has already earned its money with these phenomenal photographs.

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