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9 Snacks Everyone Should Try Right Now, But Only If They’re Planning On Having A Late Dinner

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These amazing snacks can take a serious bite out of hunger, but only as long as it’s an appropriate time to be snacking—you wouldn’t want to ruin your appetite.

1. Cookies


If your stomach’s tied in knots with hunger, these sugary treats are a definite MUST, but only if you’re planning on having dinner at like 9 or 10 or so.

2. Grapefruits


For people looking for healthier snacks, grapefruits are totally doctor approved and totally delicious, but look at how big these things are. They’re gargantuan. It’s going to take at least six hours to be hungry again. Probably best to just skip ’em.

3. Raisins


Healthy, delicious, and fun, there’s NO WAY to pass up these treats. Unless you have reservations for that new Mediterranean place you’ve been meaning to try for a while and you know you’re going to have a heavy meal.

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