Recommended Reading – Atheism And The Case Against Christ


Hundreds of millions of people believe that Jesus came back from the dead. This cogent, forcefully argued book presents a decidedly unpopular view —namely, that the central tenet of Christianity, the resurrection of Jesus, is false. The author asks a number of probing questions: Is the evidence about Jesus as it has been relayed to us over the centuries of sufficient quantity and quality to justify belief in the resurrection? How can we accept the resurrection but reject magic at the Salem witch trials?

What light does contemporary research about human rationality from the fields of behavioral economics, empirical psychology, cognitive science, and philosophy shed on the resurrection and religious belief? Can we use contemporary research about the reliability of people’s beliefs in the supernatural, miracles, and the paranormal to shed light on the origins of Christianity and other religions? Does it make sense that the all-powerful creator of the universe would employ miracles to achieve his ends? Can a Christian believe by faith alone and yet reasonably deny the supernatural claims of other religions? Do the arguments against Christianity support atheism? By carefully answering each of these questions, this book undermines Christianity and theism at their foundations; it gives us a powerful model for better critical reasoning; and it builds a compelling case for atheism. Without stooping to condescension or arrogance, the author offers persuasive arguments that are accessible, thoughtful, and new.



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Book Fanatic

Outstanding Critique of Christianity and Theism The first part of this excellent work is devastating critique of historical evidence for belief in the resurrection of Jesus and for miracles in general. This makes up about 1/2 of the book and it is about the best argument I’ve ever read on the topic.The author Matthew S. McCormick then moves on to the hiddenness of God, faith, more liberal forms of belief, and agnosticism and methodically destroys them one by one. This is a manifesto for careful, rational, evidence based…

Roberto Perez-Franco

The resurrection as a case study in evidence vs faith [For MIT’s The Tech] In his recent book Atheism and the Case Against Christ, Matthew McCormick – a professor of philosophy at CSU Sacramento – takes issue with the most fundamental claim of Christianity: the claim that Jesus came back to life after being dead for three days. Saying that McCormick “takes issue” with the resurrection claim is an understatement. I read the whole thing, all 288 pages of it, and I can tell you: what he does is taking the critical-thinking equivalent of a chainsaw…