Jaclyn Glenn – Atheism+… – VIDEO



A video about Atheism+ and pussies. How appropriate. For those of you wondering- Atheism + is pretty much atheism plus radical feminism. This is my skit explaining my feelings on it 😉 ATHEIST…



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Inward Burn

Jaclyn….you wouldn’t like it if I said, “There are some atheists who do
bad things….therefore I’m going to become an anti-atheist,” right?


I know this is a comedy skit (which you performed really well btw) but wouldn’t you say that the position held by person 1 was every bit as ideologically informed as that of person 2? Surely a desire to maintain the status quo, or to deny the existence of a problem, or even to not recognise a problem as existing, is to support an existing state of affairs, and no state of affairs is truly ‘neutral’. You give person 1 a style of presentation which makes her seem ‘reasonable’ which aligns with what I’m guessing you feel are the reasonable… Read more »


Good for the lulz.

Baud Bits

I had hoped for better from you Jaclyn – this is typical of what we are seeing all over YouTube right now. People get a few followers and think it is ok to stick a wig on their head and use it as some cheap prop to make a point. Don’t you realize just how offensive this is to people who are forced to wear wigs – NOT OUT OF CHOICE. There are so many people who fear leaving their own homes because of the taunting and ridicule they face from an uncaring and callous public, pointing and making comments… Read more »

Dr Shaym

Cats live longer than dogs and get to shit in the house. That sounds like
feline privilege to me. DOWN WITH CATRIARCHY!


Well, you clearly are discriminating against blondes by portraying them in
that way. ugh. 


You can tell by the muscle tone in your arms that you’re a vegetarian


“So I became an atheist”? WTF? This is a joke, right?! You cant just decide
to become an atheist or a believer? You need to have proof to become one or
another. To really believe something or not believe.


Caring about people is not a reason to be an atheist. 

The Fantastic Skeptic

Uh oh! I predict the FreeThought Bullies will find this & complain about
this promoting SEXISM & BIGOTRY!!!!!
This was much better than I expected. Unfortunately, atheismplus has done
quite an amount of damage to the atheist movement. The best way to handle
these clowns is to ignore them or poke fun (which you did a good job with).
Thumb’d up and fav’d 🙂 Well done!

rebels heart

I have a few Atheists claiming they are more ethical than me simply because
they have adopted the label Atheist. YET, they continue to behave


Wow, this is an excellent depiction of the kinds of arguments that I
sometimes see on the internet. #1 wants a “getting along under the big
picture” point of view while #2 wants to nitpick to find lame excuses to
hate and feel superior. Nice work with this, Jaclyn.


how else can you make sexual advances if you can’t go meoooow and/or


You know what?? Just because of THIS video, i will kill and eat twice as
many animals this week. EVERYONE should do the same, that way we get rid of
these crazy veggies. Tonight I will make me some rabbit that i’m gonna buy
at my local supermarket (Yes we can buy rabbits just like you can buy
chickens) And EVERY day i will post pics and news about what I ate in this
video COMMENT SECTION, check it out, tonight first pic with a delicious
bunny on my plate


Atheism +??? This is soooo 2012, so you rehashed it in 2014. Old-Hat again
Jac, and we all know it’s bullshit. Most people don’t even entertain it


This describes what I say to every feminist and mens rights activist I come

And yes from my perspective they are 2 sides of the same coin. They are not
that different.

As I told one male feminist who was convinced I suffered from confirmation
bias, I find myself in the peculiar position of being without allies in
this issue. Because I do criticize MRA’s as much as I do Feminists. And
both will verbally flog me for the slightest dissent. No matter how subtle
my dissent I’m both a misogynist and a misandrist depending on who you ask.


atheists have the moral high ground and so do vegans, but lets be real
vegans can be unbearable and atheists are at the most unbearable to people
who hate science , and this is coming from an omnivorous atheist 

Broke Sergey

The more the scientific research & technological progress “More & More
Almighty God is Revealed”. Basic & Fundamental Science never incompatible
with God. Only so called unprovable & baseless research by so called super
scientists COUGH Darwin COUGH claim like that. Only a fool says in his
heart there is no God (Psalms 14:1)


“Im an atheist cuz I care about people”……? The only reason someone
should be an atheist is due to lack of evidence supporting the theist
position. That’s like a believer saying: I believe in God because it makes
me happy. Well good for you but that’s not evidence/reason to be a theist.

Smacky Frog

This happens in every group I’m involved in, but the worst is by far the
anarchist/libertarian communities.


The worst part of eating vegetable is the wheelchair.


and obvious strawman is obvious

Theo WolF

I found this video rather depressing. Mostly, because I thought a+theism
had died out.

Homo Sapien 78

To all the vegans: So, no pain is suffered upon picking fruits/vegetables?


Yay! Dumb people arguing about dumb things, who ultimately think that life
and the universe is absolutely meaningless! What a waste of time, space,
energy, oxygen, food, water, shelter and internet bandwidth.

Can more of you atheists do the world a favor and just kill yourselves

Lycan Broadcasting Network

I actually try to eat as much meat as possible and avoid vegetables because
I care so much for animals

Brandon Schleifer

I’m an atheist, and not a vegetarian, but whenever someone says they are either an atheist or vegetarian, I become curious as to why. There’s a lot of good reasons to be atheist or vegetarian, but there’s also a lot of bad reasons too. “Animal rights” is an answer to vegetarianism I actually need to follow up with. I don’t believe that farming animals for meat, leather, milk, eggs, down, or other animal products is inhumane, I actually believe it’s beneficial for the animal, since it provides them with protection from natural predators, and allows them to lead safe, peaceful… Read more »


Do vegans eat honey?

Derpy Viking

i am against Vegetarians, as i care about plants, plants are a huge part of
the nature, without the nature we would die. I rather eat something that is
Already dead than eat something that is still alive. I still love your
videos though :P


You do realize an animal was killed to give you that blond wig don’t you?


So Jaclyn, you were on The Millionaire Matchmaker?

Steven Walker

So the blond is a feminist from FTB?


Wait, is this a metaphor for Atheist drama or Feminist drama?

Highland Chicken

Solution: We eat atheism+.


It’s the exact sort of drama that you’re talking about here that keeps me
away from atheism+. I agree with a lot of their ideals, but I disagree with
their methodology. I separate my atheism from all that other stuff, I
identify those other beliefs on their own and not as part of something else.

also, adding a + at the end of any word makes it sound like it’s some sort
of soy milk product. It looks silly for an ideological movement, even that
part of it makes me cringe.


I personally do not support vegetarians. Not only does it have serious
health issues but the way I see it, I rather slaughter the animal instantly
without pain and eat them, rather than eating their food and make them
starve to death. The few vegetarians out there are only allowed to keep
their diet up because there are so many of us that eat meat. If everyone
would be vegetarians however, the ecosystem would die off and we couldn’t
sustain it either.

Sam Brace

nice vid


Whats the name of the outro song


So you are an Atheist because you care about people and you feel religion
has negative affects? Atheists are the only people that care about others?
(You did not say this, but you sure as hell are implying it). Secondly, you
shouldn’t be an Atheist because religion does harm to others. You should be
an Atheist because you find no compelling evidence for supporting a deity’s


Usually I’ll come out and complain about some reason your video is wrong or
offensive to Christianity. This time I have to say you did a good job
demonstrating the ability of humans to find ways to be different and fight
with each other. Very entertaining also. Nice whig, maybe Platinum Blond
is your new color. :)