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What's it like to be a joke to every human being with any measurable amount of cognition? Fuck your imaginary friend.


God is your imaginary friend.

Joey Kay

Go and fuck yourself.

Sir Zophiel (Pragmatic Atheist)

Hey christian why dont you fuck off again? I was happy thinking you were gone, your worse than that fat cunt shanny coming back every now and then…


Well, we had a good run. I think your Chinese friend is pretty, but I don't like her laughing at me… Is that what Jesus would do ?

Deacon Verter

My fellow Christians: we must stop creeping atheism. Home-school your kids and never let them attend any but a Christian college. Keep criticizing sciences that contradict the bible i.e. evolution, geology, archeology, anthropology, history, and objective theology!


Nice.. My favourite chistian poe is back.


i think it's a troll.

This guy is joking, right? Or is he insane? It’s the one or the other.