1. Pretty sure there’s a huge difference between worshiping something as a
    higher power and studying a natural consistency or pattern that frames the
    world in which we live. I don’t see how Atheism is supposed to be a
    religion if one of the biggest defining points is that they pursue
    fundamental laws that can be witnessed all around them. I mean, we can view
    sciences and mathematics in practice; theoretical science tends to be the
    only sort that anyone might need to put faith into but that’s both
    predicated by the idea that in determining the right sort of mathematical
    equation, we can continue to find repeating patterns that shape the
    universe, and that it’s a fucking theory XD meaning that it can be

    Furthermore, comic books and anime are religion? Shit. Guess it turns out
    Dr Fate is my God. Sorry all other religions.

  2. You know, I never understood why people say that atheism is a religion,
    because last time I~~~ checked, atheist do not serve a god, they don’t
    believe and would always deny that there is a higher deity (well, at least
    most do), they focus more on scientific studies than belief, and pretty
    much everything else you said in the video. It just makes no sense to me.
    Oh and side note, those pictures you showed at 11:51 – 12:01, as a
    Christian I have to say, retards like those people are the prime reason why
    I sometimes hate being a Christian, or at least hate being part of the
    Christian community.

  3. So if atheism is a form of religion, so can we say that feminism is too?
    Well you don’t say, Pastor Wagner.

  4. well some sects of Hinduism are atheistic cause they believe the beings
    they worship aren’t gods but are just being far above humans like us to

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