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Reason is Evidence

“Atheism isn’t a metaphysical proposition. Atheism makes no assertions. The average atheist is going to recognize the primacy of existence. The average atheist is going to tend toward methodological naturalism. That’s about as far as you can go with making generalizations” Yes, atheism is not a metaphysical proposition; just like theism isn’t a metaphysical proposition. So what’s the difference between the two? Neither perspective is thus existentially relevant, and therefore neither, until a common metaphysic as been established, is worth talking about. But there are MANY sidewalk barkers on both sides proclaiming the “truth” of their point of view. And… Read more »

jose quervo

what you BELIEVE is irrelevant. you can believe anything you want that does
not make it factual or true.
beliefs and faith are basically the same things. WISHES and emotional
GUESSES. backed up by zero FACTS. evolution ha physical evidence that
predates anything religious or biblical.
believing in an invisible magic ghost man that lives in another dimension
is not realistic. it’s a fantasy.
not only that, but dying and having your magic Casper the friendly ghost
living inside your biological human body, leaving earth for this other
dimension. where TIME (see clock for length of eternity) ceases to exist.

jose quervo

atheism is not believing in a god or gods. religion makes it into more than it is. Christianity and all religion wants to convert everyone to their way of thinking. which we have found is NOT thinking at all. it’s obedience, like Hitler and the others. and that obedience is not about a god. it’s about THEM. if any religious person wants to see what god looks like all they have to do is look in a mirror, that is the whole purpose of religion. if you look at it right, Christians use the phrase. “We were made in gods… Read more »

Travis Hedglin

I am not entirely sure I completely understand your reasoning, but I think
a conversation about methodology would be a better conversation than one
about our positions.

jose quervo

you were correct in one thing.
there is NOTHING consistent about ANY religion.
that is why we find it to be false.
also, the archaeology, anthropology and paleontology. shows us physical
evidence that is consistent with the evolutionary process. and not just
(guesses and wishes and hopes,) ( beliefs, faith, and hopes) which are all
simply emotional states of mind. and pretty irrational states of mind at

Reason is Evidence

it’s a socialist movement. it ain’t nothing!