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Jesus .Christ

Joseph, you're finding your viewpoint. Great video…

Godisnot Real

As you say morality is linked to religion for many people. Which is why we have had people burned alive for being witches, Crusades to take over holy lands, justification for slavery, bigotry, subjugation of women, murder and hatred. All which is moral if you religion tells you it is. How in the world do you think it's ok?

Godisnot Real

Morality is not simply about good and evil. For example, Christians don't believe animals have souls right? That animals were made to serve people? I can be moral and treat my property poorly right? If I ignore my car and it rusts, that isn't immoral? So can I starve my animals? They are souless property that god created for us, so why does their feelings (do they have feelings?) matter? Or their lives?

See how morality covers more then just the extremes of good and evil?

Godisnot Real

Good and evil are simply definitions. If you say "Good means helping your neighbors out even at great cost", then yes I believe in good. If you say evil is "Hurting people for the sake of causing unnecessary pain and suffering" then yes I do accept that evil exists.

The problem here is that believers won't define these words because it weakens their position in arguments. Aka: Following gods commands is always good. So stoning children to death is ok? etc.

Godisnot Real

You got Atheism wrong.

Theism = Belief in a god
Atheism = Not believing in a god.

All atheism tells you is that the person you are talking to does not hold a positive position on the question, does a god exist?

Atheists may believe abortion is wrong or right, that animals have inherent rights or don't, that capital punishment is justified or not.

So tired of believers telling me what atheism is, how about actually asking me.

Godisnot Real

Morality needs a definition like every other word. Believers often don't realize they equate morality to religious commands. Which leads to many many problems (AKA is it wrong to murder? Is it wrong to murder if an angel tells you to do it? Is it still wrong if you only THINK an angel told you to do it?). Not only that but religions change and debate what is moral (can you eat shellfish? Are the 10 commandments just for Israelites who were taken out of Egypt or for modern Christians?).