Steve Harvey is an idiot – VIDEO



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+InSpadez You’re argument is invalid. Your Jesus said that he came not to destroy the law but to fulfill it. He also said not one jot or tittle of the law would be changed. Also, his ‘sacrifice wasn’t really a sacrifice since, if he is god he didn’t actually die, he just left behind a mortal shell, if you will. He gave up nothing and accomplished nothing. If your god existed, which it most likely does not, it could have easily forgiven humans simply by choosing to forgive. God failed when he created Adam and blamed Adam and punished them… Read more »


Steve Harvey is worse, I think Katt is just doing it for his act.. Harvey
is really ignorant. 

Chris M

The Bible empowers, they kept it from slaves for a reason.


I’d be perfectly surprised if they didn’t really know what a load of crap
it is that they’re pushing, but it’s about the money; they’re in the “black
on black comedy” niche, and creationism is simply going to sell better than


I’ll tell you where I don’t get my morals from; Exodus 21:21 where it
explains how hard you’re allowed to beat your slave. And Christians concoct
elaborate justifications for these atrocities. So much for your moral


A bit if info for the author of this vid. Evolution DOESNT contradict what
we’ve been taught as Christians for a many of us are “theistic
Mat Williams is NOT a Christian. Just because he calls evolution bull you
automatically assume he MUST be a Christian! What was it you were saying
about Kat and Steve not WANTING to know?? Yeah, works both ways, smart guy!

Lady Cheyne

Somebody please tell me what a moral barometer is! I know that Steve and
Katt don’t speak for all Christians, but they sure as hell don’t add clout
to your cause. I hope this generation is the last twilight for
Christianity. Let us proudly proclaim that the internet killed Jeezy
C(Jesus) :-)

Steven Clark

For me Katt Williams is simply playing to his audience so I don’t hold too
much against him. I think he used to be funny in his prime but he was never
known for intellectual humor. He’s a moron so I don’t put much stock in him.
Steve Harvey on the other hand is just an idiot and I now boycott all shows
including Family Feud that feature him. I thought his comments was
incredibly stupid and disrespectful.

biff malibu

Neither one of them are intellectual giants. They are comedians.


Well I agree that these men are crazy, but you saying god condones stoning adulterers and killing children isn’t commanded by God to “Christians” in any way. Jesus Christ being the man that Christianity is based off of, was crucified for just these type of things. He was crucified for teaching people that they should only think that it was okey to stone a person if they could say truly with the stone in their hand that they had never committed a sin. So Christians being the followers of Christ don’t believe these things and would say that Christ did… Read more »


Very well made video. Very true statement regarding Harvey and Katt not
wanting to know about evolution. Every time I try to debate my friends who
are Christian, they basically stick their fingers in their ears. They don’t
want to think they’ve been lied to by their parents and others who’ve fed
them all the crap they believe.

John Doe

Christians are anti-intellectual. They don’t rely on their own sense of
reasoning. They reject what they know is true because they have an
emotional attachment to mysticism. They have faith and that’s all that

Jay Kline

Katt Williams and Steve Harvey believe in a religion that was forced upon
their ancestors by skave owners. In my opinion, African Americans should be
the first to reject Christianity because the bible was actually used to
justify slavery before it was finally abolished. These men are so ignorant
of their own past. Shameful. Great video. Logic! 

Alvin Jones

Steve harvey is a walking contradiction himself so his opinion is mute


Where do you get your moral barometer? Not an ancient book that says thou
shalt not kill then orders people to kill tribes and babies later that

Jonathan Bailey

These people are not educated in science. So what? Not everyone needs to
be in touch with reality. If they don’t want to know, simply because it
contradicts the bible, then they are too dumb. They’ll never be able to
understand the world like we do.

Great point about the internet. You don’t need to stay dumb.


What the hell is a moral barometer?

justus kesha

I belive in god and I don’t have anything against you dude because of god
soo yep it’s your choice :)


Moronic hypocrites, both of them. I actually never liked Harvey’s
non-comedy *before* I found out how uninhabited by brains his cranium was.
Another case of Dumb & Dumber (Harvey clearly being the dumber of the two).

By the way, these two ignoramuses of galactic proportions both happen to be
black. Well, to quote an actual respected comedian of mine (who’s actually

*If you’re black, and a Christian, you’ve got a short memory.* –Chris Rock

*BTC: 1PADNHhze28JLnXkvhKa6PjMVzspAnwgkH*

Ronald Williams

Why does one require morals? Do you want to know what morality means on the
individual level? Good is that which is beneficial to the
individual/organism. Likewise, bad is that which is detrimental to the
individual/organism. On a very basic level, aren’t these excellent
definitions of “good” and “bad”? It is all very point-of-view related.
Absolute morals cannot exist. Therefore, morality can only exist on the
individual level. Can that which is only verifiable on the individual level
truly be said to exist?


I agreed with Katt, until he brought up evolution. We shouldn’t believe
something someone tells us just because they say it with a straight face.
Sadly, it looks like he didn’t take his own advice when it came to
listening to whatever religious authority he turns to. It doesn’t seem like
he looked into both sides of the issue and came out with an opinion he
formed on his own.


Do we have a good idea of what the human/great ape ancestor looked like? I
imagine it did look like some sort of proto-monkey (probably not like the
spider-monkey looking thing in that evolution image though) so maybe the
image is not that FAR off


You look like you need sleep, because your eyes are really red.


George Carlin, Chris Rock are much funnier in a much more intelligent level
that Steve Harvey & Katt Williams. 


I would hasten to add, however, that atheism and evolution are not
necessarily synonymous. I know of very few atheists that don’t believe in
evolution, but I do know a great deal of religious or (they would consider
themselves) spiritual individuals that do believe in evolution.

Talking about evolution as though it were some tenet of atheism is a false

Jay Kline

Steve Harvey is not funny. Please. 

Jay Kline

When you’re only as smart as Steve Harvey, you’re probably better off
walking away from an atheist. 

Bryan David

I grew tired of Steve Harvey and Katt Williams long ago. Richard Pryor
(RIP) would own both their asses.

Ramon Rodgers

Ironic and you didn’t even realize it. You’re on YouTube… The Internet!
If the best you could do in finding a compelling argument between
Creationism vs. Evolution was two comedians… That IS stupid. Toss the
subject in the search field and select a tougher target. Sure Bill Nye
eviscerated Ken Ham, but I also love the educated believers that challenge
the gaps in knowledge. The god of the gaps. Anyway… Kat Williams?


It’s funny that he says atheists don’t have morals, yet he cheated on his

Ripley Wolfwood

You don’t need a God to be a good person, you just need empathy.
I also find it interesting that Katt WIlliams, in all his upstanding glory
with the law and his antics, erratic, behavior drugs lately is gonna
lecture us about intelligence and morals…

21st century man, you hit it on the head! He made himself look like an
uneducated idiot on the topic of evolution. It does not say we came from

Michael Valdivieso



If I looked like that williams guy I wouldn’t want to believe that we
shared a common ancestor with the apes either, it’s getting a little too
close to home if you know what I mean. Also, if we came from Europe, why
are there still Europeans, Huh? You dumb asses, how come we still got
Europeans eh, you freaking idiots.

Gabe Ryan

u hit so many great points….