1. I graduated with honors, have four children, and have a well paying job…. I do not know the names of these people he listed… And I don’t need to. I am atheist, I have common sense…. I don’t research what I believe….. Because it’s common fucking sense. I let the weak and scared minded people do what they will as I sit back and watch them pray for an answer to the simplest problem of tying a double knot in their walmart shoes…

  2. Why do these idiots always seem to “murder” the English language and yet, claim atheists are “uneducated” I also didn’t know you had to be a drug addict to “qualify” to be an atheist.

  3. I’m a recovered drug addict who, for a time, was indoctrinated into the whole 12-step/goddoesit ideology. You don’t HAVE to be drug addict to be an atheist but if you’ve experienced what I have, it helps 😛

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