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I love it when someone who needs a remedial class in basic punctuation accuses others of being “ill educated”.

But, please Shakir tell us what you really think.

He can have his own spike, just for displaying such an appalling level of stupidity in public.

An atheist trying to implement Zionism? That’s the first I’ve heard of this plan!

Yes we are! And if you don’t bow to our demands we will go around and kill the first born son. You have been warned. 3:)

Um…atheism a menace? I don’t think so. Nutters like Shakir, Ted Cruz, Daesh – now you’re onto something.

someone needs a hug

Shakir is just jealous of his rich older brother Muvir

shove it up your retarded ass you fucking moron ….

The real tragedy here is that font.

I can’t get past this…. try harder

BTW, the dictionary doesn’t know what it is separate either

Cultures spawn morons.

Hahaaaa 😀

When’s pay day again?

We laugh but idiots like this are killing atheists in some less enlightened parts of the world.

A mouthful

Yes, and that’s a sad fact. Which is why those of us who can speak out, must. But we can still laugh and mock the idiots.

Shakir. I could destroy each piece of your assertion but I can’t be bothered. I have to get up now and go to work. You’re a wanker. Plain and simple.

Correct me if I’m wrong but is it not religion that trys to dominate the world and aithiests trying to educate the world .

No, you’re not wrong. 😛

Damn these ill-educated extreemists.


I graduated with honors, have four children, and have a well paying job…. I do not know the names of these people he listed… And I don’t need to. I am atheist, I have common sense…. I don’t research what I believe….. Because it’s common fucking sense. I let the weak and scared minded people do what they will as I sit back and watch them pray for an answer to the simplest problem of tying a double knot in their walmart shoes…

fucking dumbasses…

Idiot of the century!

Why do these idiots always seem to “murder” the English language and yet, claim atheists are “uneducated” I also didn’t know you had to be a drug addict to “qualify” to be an atheist.

Come on… everybody knows that… 😛

That’s one twisted MF.

I’m a recovered drug addict who, for a time, was indoctrinated into the whole 12-step/goddoesit ideology. You don’t HAVE to be drug addict to be an atheist but if you’ve experienced what I have, it helps 😛

Education = the death of God

I had to look at your comment twice because you started with no .so let’s keep educating.

Sounds like projection to me…

Seems legit.

*searches for hypo*

That was intentional. 😛