Atheist Bible Study – The End Times Purge – The Daily Atheist (2019)


Atheist Bible Study – The End Times Purge – The Daily Atheist (2019)

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The End Times: The Purge on Steroids.
AKA: The Gleeful Slaughter of the Innocent

Hello and welcome to the daily atheist.

Ok, so, you’re a Christian and you believe in Jesus, yada yada, etc etc. And, like most Christians, you’re eager for the end times and the return of the saviour.

That’s great. It sounds all soft and fuzzy, doesn’t it? Ahhh Jesus, descending from the sky. But actually, if it all plays out like the bible foretells, Jesus is going to have to wade through rivers of blood on his way back. The blood of the innocent, spilt by ‘the meek’, in the name of god.

Confused? Watch the video and where I explain.

What are your thoughts about the Christian interpretation of the end times? Are you a Christian and do you agree or disagree with my interpretation of the text? Why or why not? Leave me a comment below and let me know.

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What are your expectations for the end times? Let me know in the comments below.