Atheist Christian Debate with Christian Prince and Abdullah Sameer


I was invited onto Christian Prince (Arabian Prophet)’s channel and we discussed and debated Christianity and atheism. Let me know what you think!



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Budi Darma

Samer will convert to Christianity after 2 debates with CP

Naveen Kumar

Milwaukee Atheists have dealt with Bible and Christianity thoroughly. Vicarious Redemption Scapegoat allegedly Virgin Born, allegedly Resurrected Zombie, water walking miracle Man, his Trinity, Spirit, Lamb and Lord has been thoroughly scrutinized and proven to be just another irrational ideology. Old Testament full of Violence and Unscientific stuff.

DJ Cudworth

42:40 dogs are not evolved wolves rather they are domesticated wolves.


I watched this video more because of these two personalities. both are interesting to watch in their own private channels. but bringing them together and having a decent discourse is really heart warming. I'm listening to this video like a cat near the hearth. enjoying the warmth and oblivious of people.

Jendoubi Nour

A lot of the arguments used by christian prince are used by muslims too.

Kefir & Yakult

If you want scrutinize Qur'an, CP is the man (specialized on that 99.9%). But to debate christianity, I may not agree to everything he said: often too simplistic.
Btw as christian I'm also skeptical and open-minded to whether there's really dinosaurs exist and the fact that's unwritten in the bible.

Channi Sandhu

Sameer Rocks

Yeremia Hermansah

It is better for atheists to focus on sciences than talk about things that are religious.

Maria Tvrdonova

If you want to debate atheism, David Wood is the best choice. He keeps complaining that focusing on Islam does not stimulate his brain and he would like to debate with atheists.

Jonathan Nguyen

I’ve heard of Christian Prince before, but I was left feeling very underwhelmed by his arguments. Thanks Abdullah for having this debate. I really like these.


Its funny how both are not scientist but both have read a book or watched a program…and now both are experts…ultimately both are believing WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN TOLD BY OTHERS.

Peter Parker

It was very refreshing listening to you and CP. Though you may have different viewpoints… it was very very refreshing to hear 2 SMART people talking respectful and with good arguments. Usually CP is talking with … "not so smart" … people. Thank you for the upload!


Is background radiation proof there is no God???…I doubt it

Andrianus Thomas

I think this is a very great discussion with an atheist which is also an ex muslim to challenge Christian point of view. I believe Abdul shamir is a good guy having big heart just he wanna look for more information to be confident in what he believes.

BaWare Yneb

CP is an expert in Islam. He doesn't claim to have studied atheism or Christianity in depth. You ruined this interview by detouring into an off topic just to fit your agenda.

Fx secular

CP is the type of person dominating the conversation. water is hydrogen and oxygen, how hydrogen and oxygen can be iron, carbon, nitrogen etc.

obviously the religion made in the past was problematic, the book was made by people who knew little about the universe, and CP defended it without foundation


A point of infinite density and infinite mass…from nothing…always existed…how do you prove that using science…thats faith


Very naughty to question CP like this


Fulfilled prophecy proves the bible right….think about what was said about Jesus.