Atheist Comedy: Militant Atheist vs. Religious Fundamentalist – VIDEO


Religious terrorists use suicide bombs. Militant atheists use logic bombs. I know which one I prefer…

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  1. Sister keep on reminding these theist that they are indeed in fantasy …. accept it or not religion is an evil thing…. or else I can say "it is some socially acceptable form of insanity"………………never ever have ever any god listen to any to anyone when they needed him the most…….why ? ever wondered ? Even in horrific situations when the mother's of babies strangled their own babies in order to save other members of family in times of massacres & riots …so that the cry of their infants does not reach the rioters…. the god is indeed a delusion….. believe it or not but its really a big bitter truth….

  2. I prefer the term " Athiest extremist " . Are not Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris , Bill Maher not the most extreme atheists on our planet?? Is there anyone more extreme in promoting their atheism ??

  3. Name all the Christian terrorists who have used suicide bombs. You can't, there aren't any. You also seem to be forgetting the militant atheists caught burning churches in the south.

  4. I subscribe to her channel…yet I see more of her videos on this channel. What's up with that?
    Don't get me wrong. I am just curious.

  5. I am a militant atheist but all I say to the religious, "I think you are wrong." And that i only when I am accosted on the street or when they come knocking on my door.

  6. Its nices to see that more religious people are finally getting punshised for wrong doing. like in Ontario Canada a priest stole and gambled away 500 000$ meant for refugees.

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