The Atheist Experience -“You’re just atheists because you want to sin” – VIDEO



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  1. No offense, but that girl sounds like she has an IQ score of 10, or maybe 13 because she knows how to fit a banana in her butt.

  2. I really feel sorry for this caller 🙁 I don’t doubt her ”heart” is in the right place, but the extent of brainwash she has been exposed to is unbelivable!
    AHAT’S RELIGION PEOPLE! It gets otherwise bright and good people believe and do all kinds of crazy shit!

  3. Don’t argue with theists. Just tell them the truth, if they refuse to heed, leave them to waste their life in service of a supposed being.
    See how that can work both ways? The burden of proof lies on theists, not atheists.

  4. Let us thump that one up, before someone thinks Matts wife is really so stupid. She is actually a BIOLOGIST, i believe.

  5. Don’t argue with atheists. Just tell them the truth, if they refuse to heed, leave them to die in their sin.

  6. Now that I think of it, there should be quite a few troll calls on this show. I’d think of doing it, maybe someone would actually do it xD…

  7. so ignorant. she has lived in a small trailer park her whole if and she has a strong opinion/ignorance. She should drink the Kool-Aid.

  8. at one time it was stated that making oranic chemicals without living organisms was impossible.  then Friedrich Wöhler made urea. i learned that in grade school.

  9. The Banana does in fact show to be intelligently designed, because it fits in my ass. Therefore the Banana was designed. HAHA!

  10. Dude there’s so much religious sects out there i wouldn’t be surprised if Jediism and Christianity collaborated somewhere.

  11. Of course (s)he’s fucking joking… His/her profile pic has a fucking light saber in his hand…

  12. I hope your joking because this using Jesus Christ as your name stuff is a big sin if you believe in that type of stuff.

  13. Bananas have been domesticated by homo sapiens over many centuries. Originally bananas were small and less desirable. Same with many other fruits and vegetables. Your penis fits nicely in your hand too.

  14. At least the Amazing Atheist realized why I designed it that way! Creationists: +1, Evolutionists:+0

  15. So some lady prank called them and Matt married her eventually? That’s pretty cute if true.

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