Atheist Republic: 3-Year-Old-Indian Girl Raped on 6th Anniversary of Brutal Delhi Gang Rape


On the sixth anniversary of a brutal gang rape that became a worldwide symbol of the dangers faced by women and girls, a 40-year-old man was accused of raping his 3-year-old neighbour in New Delhi. The suspect allegedly lured the child out of her home with candy to an abandoned house down the road while her parents were not home. He left her unconscious on the side of the road.



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Atheist Republic

What are some religion related news that need to get more coverage?

Umer Rehman

Why isn’t India’s government taking action??

Umer Rehman

People: “India fix your rape problem”
India: “other countries have same problem”

Is the same as

Teacher: “do your homework”
Student: “those kids over there don’t do their homework either”



Nuket Tuna Keles

Turkey: 9 months old baby girl died for genetic organs is cutting at force she die for blooding :/

Nuket Tuna Keles

my writing all gone when the page reload it self ;(

Eagle Nutrients

If your horse's leg is broken, you blow his brains out. Same thing if you see someone decapitating someone. You put them down.

ian philip

holy shit armin pay attention

Elevendy Eleven

Just don't rape people, especially kids.

Keri 81

"Indias Daughter" is a documentary that tells the story of the woman who's 6 year anniversary this happened on. It is horrific and caused massive protests, though the male prosecutors and lawmakers tried to blame the woman for being out after dark with her Male friend from college. Watch the documentary, it is absurd the way women are viewed and treated in India and they style themselves a "first world country". They are miles behind in human rights, environment, working conditions and so much more.

Tracy Turnbull

I wonder if the fact that India has an excess of 37 million males has anything to do with their rape culture.

में श्री विष्णुजी का भक्त हु

This motherfucker should be persecuted for crime against humanity.
Btw thank you atheist republic. From hindu theist.

Jake Iverach

The man is a cunt. And should spend rest of his life in jail being sadistically sodomized so he pays for what he did with more than just time.

Pelitos Pancito

smash the likes guys, let's help the channel!

Dia Raj

U did a video about a guy who's stepmom n dad raped n abused him 18 n 8 years imprisonment wasnt justice n idk wht tht guy went through to get tht recorded confession of his dad n finding smone who wntd to fight his case theres no due justice there r too many problems wid modern world nwe shld talk abt those n nt abt these rapes n if religions caused them bcz in tht way we r nt doing anything to stop these rapes rape murder war poverty keep killing ppl daily n these will keep existing till… Read more »

Dia Raj

One more thing in this video i disagree wid u is the revenge thing u said an eye for an eye n due process do u know how hard it is to prove rape do u know what happens to rapists who have lots of money n contacts. I disagree wid ppl who kill ppl just bcz of a disagreement or difference in believes but i dnt mind smone killing a rapist bcz trust me for me it was better to keep my mouth shut then to go to police, where i come from

Dia Raj

Hi i have been watching a lot of your videos. I have a friendly suggestion for you. Any person with a bit of common sense knows religions are stupid. Why are you then promoting them even more by always talking about them. I know it's your choice to fight islam n all other religions but in my pov u r promoting them even more every person has their own Interpretation of everything a religion has to say most ppl in most of these religious countries dnt even know how to read n write. Why dont u talk abt being humanist.… Read more »

Jarin Jove

Okay, what happened to her was absolutely horrible. I hope she gets all the social support and help possible from medical treatment and the rapist is jailed (he'll likely be put to death with their new death penalty law). But what the fuck is with the title of "6th anniversary of brutal Dehli gang rape"? Like, seriously, what the shit is that? What, should we now also say "3rd anniversary since forced child marriage of 7-year old with her rapist" as a headline whenever a child is raped on the date several years removed from another rape case? That fucking… Read more »


I'm against vigilante or
mob rule. The rapist
should be put on trial
and if found guilty, then
I would favor the death
penalty for raping a
small child.

shweta kale

That's really bad.

CA Dimple Bakshi

No wonder its rape capital and not my country's capital.

jade roy

It's really bad