Atheist Republic: Atheist Trans Rights vs. Regressive Left


What are your views on the claim that the far-left is bad for trans rights activism?
We talk to Jack McAllan to discuss the influence of PC culture on the trans rights movement.



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Atheist Republic

What topics do you suggest we cover next?

Pelitos Pancito

smash the likes guys, let's help the channel!


Jack is a great spokesperson for the trans community.

God Usoland

I usually like your videos, but I find it insulting that almost everyone assumes that all feminists have the exact same ideology. And to claim that feminism only advocates for the rights of biological females is also rather assuming. Sure, trans women may not necessarily relate to cis women on a biological or even economic level, but the sociological connections are there. The fact is that traditionally "feminine" behaviors are seen as inherently inferior to "masculine" ones, because they are unanimously associated with the idea of womanhood. (Yes, sexism is still a prevalent issue in these modern times, especially when… Read more »

Flat Earth Runner

Watch the Astronot Roast on the Flat Earth

Gv Athvaidh

Sex is biological(Genitals/Chromosomes), Gender is Psychological, Gender Expression is cultural.


Did Rubin write this title? I thought only tacky assclowns use the term "Regressive Left" unironically…


"What are your views on the claim that the far-left is bad for trans rights activism?"But the far left strongly supports the transgender people and there are NO "trans rights"! Not that transgender people, those who strive to deny the reality of the sex they were born with, deserve any special rights beyond those afforded to all Americans under our Constitution.Funny, when I joined this group (Atheist Republic), I thought I was joining a group that was about promoting atheism, defending atheism against undue criticism, and pointing out the flaws of religious belief systems…………not a group that was about promoting… Read more »


I agree with Jack on just about everything, with the exception of sport competitions. Having said that, I remain open for scientific research to prove me wrong/teach me the truth. Thank you for this great guest, Armin!

Gv Athvaidh

Check out this video on Transphobia peeps. It's very well done.

Khara H.

Well done! Thank you, Jack and Armin for this informative discussion. I'm a cisgender heterosexual ally to LGBTQ individuals — I feel that I can advocate for but not speak for LGBTQ individuals.


is like 50% of population some lgtb+ whatever creeps these days? Back in the 90's when I graduaded from college and university amount of these freaks was around zero. They get all the rights to do their shit in privacy of their homes but don't get surprised calls you names you clown.

Thomas Sperduti

Armin the main man!

Anthony PC

Thanks for having Jack on to speak on this.