Atheist Republic: Belgium Bans Kosher and Halal Food


Belgium, home to roughly 500,000 Muslims and over 30,000 Jews, put a ban on the Muslim and Jewish ways of ritually slaughtering animals. The religious minorities and other countries fear they are the targets of bigotry under the guise of animal protection. Animal rights advocates and right-wing nationalists push to ban the ritual slaughter. Director of Global Action in the Interest of Animals, Ann De Greef, said:

“They want to keep living in the Middle Ages and continue to slaughter without stunning — as the technique didn’t yet exist back then — without having to answer to the law,” she said. “Well, I’m sorry, in Belgium the law is above religion and that will stay like that.”



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Joannot Fampionona

Awesome news for a vegan atheist.
All plant based food are halal and kosher.

Henry Smith

Will they ban circumcision?

Eagle Nutrients

Good. Now get them to stop mutilating children's genitals.

Nanaba Asante

Choosing religion over torturing of animals? WTF

Carmen González

They tried this in The Netherlands a few years ago but unfortunately religion won

Corey Mondello

Yes! Now that If the USA would just stop being a subtle Theocracy, the country would be a better place! Rename Title: “Belgium Bans Inhumane Animal Killing Guised As Protected Religious Practices”

Vegan Trucker Su Schindler

Breeding causes suffering. Mass containment cause suffering. Illness causes suffering. Any form of killing causes suffering.

Vegan Trucker Su Schindler

There is no such thing as Humane killing. Just as there is no such there as loving rape.

Walerie Schwenzer

Hate to say this, but your headline doesn't represent the issue correctly: they do NOT ban "kosher & halal food", they ban only a cruel practice to get animal tissue. As long as your headlines don't represent the problems at hand in a more diligent manner I won't pay a single buck as a patron. Sorry.

dean r

yes yes yes, fuck the religious freaks

Renzo Nieland

I know it's nitpicky and I already pointed it out during the live stream, but the headline of the video is incorrect. The headline should be: "Flanders & Wallonia Ban Kosher and Halal Food". Because it wasn't the federal government of Belgium that issued this ban. In Belgium, agricultural policy is a prerogative of the regions; Dutch-speaking Flanders, French-speaking Wallonia and bilingual Brussels. Whereas Flanders has banned slaughtering without stunning, and Wallonia will follow suit in September 2019, it will remain legal in Brussels; although this issue is currently being debated in Brussels politics. Thus, Jews and Muslims in Flanders… Read more »

Dor Arie

But they are not banning halal and kosher food, right? Just slaughtering practices. Many such foods do not require slaughter.

CA Dimple Bakshi

I love it… This is so good move. I hope some day Indians also start following it.