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GLEN Dooer

The sooner we can get rid of religion the soon we will have peace.

Michelle Abdullah

he's so crazy but lovable.

ravi kashyap

Add Tarek Fateh to the title , the video and your channel will show up more..

Vishal kumar Sharma

you are the best Muslim I know tarek sir.

Md Rezwan Jafri

Mr Fateh, please shave..

Syed Basit Masoodi

An idiot and unscientific guy….


U guys have no clue…..the concept of consecration…how Ramanujan knew about black holes…

Vishal kumar Sharma

I love you tarek sir….you are the representative of India


Actually no, Islam has propagated through jihad and misogyny, their existence is based on spreading terrorism and increasing their population. They spread in Arabia in the same way (by forcefully converting and killing), they did the same in central Asia and in Iran

Naveen Kumar

Disappointed, there was no mention of Jihaad or Gazwa-e-Hind in this Video.

Naveen Kumar

Tarek Fatah should stop beating around the bush. Waste of time, deviations from the main discussion.

Naveen Kumar

Tarek Fatah deviates a lot. He simply refuses to agree on such simple straightforward points. I don't understand why would Tarek want to defend Pisslam.

Naveen Kumar

Tarek Fatah should talk about Hampi instead of talking about Mumtaz kabr

Naveen Kumar

Judaistic monotheistic pagan city influenced by Hindus. Thanks for saying it in the open.

Hamzaa Khaan

Tarek fateh is just an hypocrite and a man who's just obsessed with his Indian past and it's history. Any one who listen to him with an open mind would know he's just a biased man defending samller agendas for his own good. Long live atheism. We don't need hypocrites like tarek fateh who can't decide between Islam and Hinduism who he really is.

Katy Wolfe

Never seen or hear of your videos until today…reserving opinion until I've seen more….

Mudhamati ॐ

George Orwell himself Probably did not know Animal Farm & 1984 would become hot political sensations in the 21st century.

Free Spirit

no time limit

Paresh Patel

During the Aurungzeb( Last Mogul emperor) time who adopted sharia law and started his own conquest in India to force sharia law, resulted in 4.5 million in death. I do not think Muslims or people of India know that.

India had a largest massacre of people due to Muslim and Arab invasion. This is not very well know throughout the world. Yes, people talk about the holocaust, Armenian genocide and Bangladesh genocide.